Butterfly Bong – Artist Series Bong with Dichro Butterfly



Molino Artist Series – Butterfly

One of a kind Butterfly bong featuring a glass butterfly.

Molino Glass has teamed up with American Glass Blower Brent Tattershall to develop this unique and amazing Artist Series.
Each Bong features a skillfully sculpted dichroic attachment.
Based on a Molino Glass Classic Pyrex Beaker Bong with 7 mm wall thickness.

Thick and stable mouth piece and base, comes with ice notches.

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Butterfly Bong – Artist Series Bong with Dichro Butterfly

This Series is a collaboration between Molino Glass Bongs and Top American Glass Blower Brent Tattershall. The Butterfly bong is a one of a kind glass bong featuring a beautiful blue butterfly sculpted in stunning dichroic glass. The unique material displays two different colors as it undergoes a change in certain lighting conditions. See also the amazing Turtle Bong.

We used the Molino Glass Classic Pyrex Beaker Bong with 7 mm wall thickness as a starting off point. It has a thick, stable mouthpiece and base, and comes with ice notches. The Butterfly bong is 36 cm in height and has a diameter of 50 mm. The base is 11.5 cm and the joint size 18.8 mm. Our superb Adapter Diffuser 18.8/14.5 mm and Artist Series cup complete the job.

The Butterfly Bong

A combination of product and design have come together to produce this beautiful beaker bong. Our beakers are stable and the Butterfly Bong is made from Pyrex glass, a very strong and heat resistant material that will give you years of faithful service.

To paraphrase Mariah Carey, spread your wings and prepare to fly for you have bought a butterfly bong


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