Glass Weed Pipes

Glass Weed pipes are great to have a hit on the go. They fit easily in your pocket and are quick to use, cheap and durable.

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Showing all 11 results

Because they are much smaller than any other smoking device a glass weed pipe can be easily carried everywhere in your pocket. Pack your weed pipe with your stuff, put a plastic food foil over it and you are ready to have a hit almost anywhere at a short notice. You need actually only 30 seconds of freedom to get the job done.

VERTICAL AND FLAT GLASS WEED PIPES – The vertical pipes are more classy and gets you the air of sophistication when sharing them with friends but flat weed pipes are the smallest of all so you can have a few of them stashed in your bag, each filled properly, and use them at various times of the day.

AFFORDABLE – Because of their small size glass weed pipes are relatively cheap and can be even given away to your friends or rented for a day or two. It’s a good custom to return a pipe filled in as you never know when it might be needed.

GOOD HITS FROM THE GLASS WEED PIPE – A weed pipe might be small, but it contains actually a larger amount of weed than a typical bong, especially the spoon pipes. These can easily be enjoyed by 4 or 5 friends. If you think that there still is some fuel to go, cover again your pipe with the plastic foil to save it for later