Glossary of Cannabis Terms and Meanings

Sometimes the language used within the cannabis community can seem strange to newcomers. Here is a glossary of the most commonly used Cannabis Terms and Meanings to help you understand what people in the Cannabis Community are referring to. A Adapter  Joint sizes on bongs normally come in three different sizes. 18.8mm, 14.5mm and 10.00mm. […]

How to Smoke a Cannabis Pipe

Everyone has to start somewhere and for those of you wanting to enjoy cannabis, the options can be a bit overwhelming. When it comes to smoking equipment, a cannabis pipe (often called a bowl) is probably the easiest and simplest way. It is also probably the most well known. Learning how to pack and smoke […]

First Time Guide for Rolling and Smoking Joints

OK, Let’s look at three ways of smoking joints. Smoking a Joint, Using a pipe,  and using a glass bong. These are three classic ways of using marijuana and for sure your first experience will be with one of these ways. Probably the most iconic way of smoking weed is the joint. Long before any […]

Types of Percolator Bong

Choosing which percolator bong is the ideal one for you can be a bit daunting. Don’t worry there are plenty to choose from and each has its own characteristics. In this simple guide, we’ll talk you through the merits and show examples of each. A percolator is a chamber that holds water. Heated smoke from […]

The Difference Between Glass Bongs and Oil Rigs

The terminology among Cannabis users does get confusing until you get your head around it. Basically, a glass bong is a device for smoking dried flower and an Oil Rig (also called a dab rig) is for smoking concentrates. Most glass bongs can be converted to oil rigs with the addition of a quartz banger. […]

Just Exactly What Is Cannabis?

It may seem like a stupid question at this point, what is cannabis? It is, after all, one of the most commonly used drugs in the world. However, it is surprising just how many people, even avid imbibers, know so little about it. Cannabis is a coverall name given to three plants that all impart […]

Smoking a Bong For the First Time

For many cannabis users, there is simply nothing to beat smoking a bong. There is no doubt about it, glass bongs deliver smoother, cooler and cleaner hits. If it is your first time, take small hits and increase them as you get used to it. If it is loaded properly,  a bong holds a lot […]

What is Borosilicate Glass?

Origins of Borosilicate Glass Borosilicate Glass was invented in the late 19th century by German glassmaker Otto Schott. He introduced it in 1893 under the brand name Duran. It arrived in the USA in 1915 when the Corning Glass Works brought it under the name Pyrex. The Borosilicate Glass and Pyrex names have been used […]

Dabbing Cannabis Fully Explained

So What is Dabbing Cannabis? As well as using the cannabis flower itself, a higher concentration of the (trichomes) THC and cannabinoids (CBD) in the plant can be extracted by using either butane or carbon dioxide as a solvent. The extract appears by way of a sticky viscous oil that in various forms is known […]

Best Bongs : Glass or Silicone

The best bongs are generally made from either glass or silicone. Other materials such as wood are employed from time to time but for the sake of this article, there are only two substances.  When it comes to bong manufacture, glass is certainly king and has been for over 4 decades. Ever since the hippies […]

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