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Benefits of a Beaker Bong

Whether you’re a weekend stoner or an everyday toker, chances are you’ve seen or at the very least have heard of beaker base bongs. Just in the same way a joint is a classical way to smoke, so are these pieces. A beaker base bong is perhaps the most quintessential of all the glass bong shapes and is considered a standard for many. But it didn’t earn that title for nothing. That title was built upon the fact that they are easy to maintain, easy to clean and easy to customize. Pre-coolers and ash-catchers fit easily and sit steady in the downstem. The mouthpiece and downstem are usually decently wide allowing for easy cleanup. These are all valid compliments to a good Molino Glass beaker bong, but the real reasoning for the beaker bong to garner such a title as “classic” can be answered with one simple word: durability! We care about durability. That’s why we built our bongs with a strong layer of either 9mm or 7mm thick glass to ensure it can take a hit. The beaker bongs wide flat base is both sturdy and centered, holding most of the weight at the bottom to avoid tipping and shattering which could occur with other more unique designs.

That being said, we don’t lack uniquely designed and often times beautiful beaker base bongs. At Molino Glass we have a wide variety of great looking beaker base bongs. All come equipped with ice catchers for a chilled smoke session, some come with percolators and others have more personified looks to them.

Turtle Bong - Molino Glass Bongs

Take a look at our artist series beaker bongs. They are completely unique having been hand blown by Brent Tattershall who attached one of a kind artistry to the side of the base. These incredibly charming pieces include authentically glass blown butterflies and sea turtles to add a little color and art to any glass collection. And those aren’t the only beautiful pieces in our selection of beaker bongs!

Golden Medusa Bong  - Molino Glass Bongs

We’ve got you covered with a more refined look with our gold and silver Medusa bongs otherwise referred to as our “Versace” bongs. These pieces are clean! They come with hand engraved Molino Glass logos and include an incredibly intricate medusa design inspired by Versace at the base. Both come tinted in either gold or silver which is sure to show your friends a high class smoke session in the comforts of your own home.

Here at Molino Glass we got you covered with a perfectly simple or a radically intricate beaker bong to add to your collection. If you’re looking to fit into the high class smokers with our Versace inspired Medusa bong or want something entirely unique with our hand blown artist series beaker bongs, you’re certain to find the perfect piece for you! Even something more basic in design and aesthetics like our casual 9mm or 7mm classic beaker bong will be sure to satisfy and outlast a regular beating with its true, tried and tested fortified shape. These classic pieces under the right conditions are sure to last you a lifetime. Nothing beats the durability of a real Molino Glass beaker bong. Stop by and grab one for yourself!

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Discount only applicable to full price items, only one code per order. You can unsubscribe at any time.