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Best Grinders for Weed

Why do you need a weed grinder?

4 Pieces Aluminium Grinder Black

Whether it’s in a blunt or a joint, bong or a pipe, you can’t smoke the sweet leaf without breaking it down to a smokable herb. One tried and tested method used by smokers the world over is the grinder. A grinder makes it easy to break your dry bud down to that perfect consistency so you can spread your herb into your smoking device. Grinders for weed come in many sizes and materials. Grinders for weed make life so much easier but before you break down your bud we are going to compare some of the best weed grinders on the market and hopefully help you decide which is the best weed grinder for you?

Are Plastic Weed Grinders Good?

The first option is of course, the plastic grinder. Plastic grinders for weed are often very cheap and lightweight. This lightweight design makes them perfect for on the go use as they won’t weight you down when you’re on the move. More often than not plastic grinders come in three piece structures, meaning they have a compartment for collecting that literal gold dust better known as kief. What is kief you ask? Well as we all know weed is made up of many different components like THC, CBD and terepenes to name just a few. One component of cannabis is trichomes. This is the crystal like substance that are on some dried buds. When these trichomes dry out and break off the plant they become this brown or gold colored powder. This powder is known as kief. Kief has a higher concentrate of THC which makes it very potent. Experienced smokers will collect their kief and sprinkle it on their joint just before they roll up for a little extra bang for their buck.

Any way enough science talk. Having a grinder with a kief sieve is a must for anyone who wants to make the most of kief. Grinders for weed that are made up of three or four pieces usually have a kief sieve so if you aren’t looking to break the bank and collect some kief as you break down your bud, a plastic grinder is for you. However the biggest down side to plastic grinders is of course the fact they are made from plastic. If you are conscious about the environment you aren’t going to want to buy a plastic product. Again with them being made from plastic this means they are liable to break quickly.

Benefits of Wooden Weed Grinders

If you are looking for a more durable grinder for weed then a wooden weed grinder could be for you. Many claim to have their wooden weed grinders for years. Owning a wooden weed grinder means you are doing your bit for the environment too as they are made from a natural substance and have no chemicals. Wooden grinders for weed are not only strong and durable but look awesome. Wooden weed grinders often come with beautiful wooden cravings or engravings. While wooden weed grinders are often very simple to use, some don’t like the two piece design. And as we learned earlier, this is a major down side if you are looking to make the most of kief. Wooden weed grinders are often a little trickier to clean and require a little extra attention as it is often recommended to clean them carefully and regularly.

Are Metal Weed Grinders the Best?

So you want the best weed grinder that is not only durable but easy to clean and will also collect kief. Well then you have to go metal. Possibly the most popular grinders on the market are those made of metal. Often these grinders for weed are made of aluminum however are sometimes made from steel or titanium. Never the less what all these materials have in common is they are almost unbreakable. These things can take a beating and will always be ready to grind down another nug. Metal grinders for weed are usually made up of four pieces, so you will collect plenty of kief. While the heavier weight could be considered a disadvantage, there is a bigger downfall as these grinders for weed won’t leave your pockets any heavier. Metal grinders for weed are often the most expensive of the manual grinders on the market. However the investment is definitely worth it as you should have your grinder for many years to come.

Now that you’ve got all the facts, there is only one thing left to do. Go and get yourself a grinder. Molino Glass is one of the best places to get all your smoking goods including grinders for weed. They have a wide variety of the best weed grinders including awesome wooden grinders for weed and aluminum metal grinders.

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