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How can you tell if a bong is good quality?

Not all bongs are created equally. Not all bong makers are created equally. There are glass bongs, there are wooden bongs. There are bongs with thick glass and bongs with thinner glass. Shopping for a new weed bong is the same as shopping for most items in life – we need to shop around and find the best quality, design, and suitability for our needs. So let’s have a quick run through of the features you should pay attention to when selecting your next high-quality weed bong.

The first aspect of your potentially-new smoking companion to pay attention to is the base material from which the bong is constructed. A quick internet search will show you that there are several different materials used to make the main pipe of a bong. The most common are acrylic (plastic), wood, metal, and glass, the king of high-quality bong-making materials. Younger, newer smokers might be tempted by the price tag of the acrylic bongs, but we should look more closely at other features than the price tag alone. While acrylic bongs are the cheapest option, that cheap price tag comes with a notable disadvantage: if you heat up plastic, it will give off a bad smell and negatively affect the taste of the hit. Wooden bongs look very cool, but can be tricky to keep clean. Metal bongs can look cool but are not great for smoking with friends as they can heat up. The highest-quality weed bongs tend to be made from glass. Glass provides an unadulterated hit – no funny smells or tastes. Besides this huge benefit, glass bongs for weed are also very easy to keep clean, especially if you use a bespoke cleaning agent designed for this very purpose. And boy, do they look cool!

So, glass is the true connoisseur’s choice. But even then, we should delve a little deeper to see how not all glass bongs are made equal either. There are different thicknesses and qualities of glass used in the manufacturing process. The obvious drawback to a glass bong is its fragility. Glass doesn’t bounce. But unless you have fingers made from butter, this shouldn’t put you off going glass. If it is something you are concerned about, then there are options to reduce the fragility of glass bongs. The first thing is to make sure the glass is strong and high quality, such as the glass used by Molino Glass. With twenty years of bong-making experience behind them, Molino has an eye for good quality, strengthened glass. Then there’s the thickness to consider. The thickness of the glass will not affect the quality of the hit, but it can give you a little more peace of mind and make the bong more durable. Standard glass bongs utilise 5mm glass in manufacturing. It is also common to find some thicker glass bongs too – typically 7mm and 9mm. The best glass bongs will be made from this thicker glass, but they will also be a little more expensive.

If you are looking for a more affordable glass bong, the 5mm-glass weed bongs are still a great option. Check out this classic cylinder bong, made from strengthened Pyrex glass. This superlatively-crafted weed bong will deliver smooth and pure hits every time. But if you are looking for a bit more durability, then the jump up to a 7mm bong is not huge where price is concerned. The Black Widow bong, crafted from 7mm Pyrex glass, is a stunner. The added thickness and build-quality will give you confidence with every hit you take. But if you are a little clumsy, as we sometimes can be after a hit marathon, then why not stretch the wallet a tiny bit farther and plump for a 9mm beauty, such as this fatter version of the classic cylinder bong?

All in all, if it’s good quality bongs that you are looking for, glass is the way forward. Peruse the various designs and thicknesses on offer, and select the one that best suits your needs, tastes, and budget. If you are already a bong smoker, maybe it’s time to upgrade to a great glass bong and really taste the difference. And if you are still unsure about the fragility of glass weed bongs, check out the bong insurance offered by the guys at Molino Glass. These guys are confident in the quality of their great glass bongs, and you should be as well.

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