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The Best Quartz Bangers

Do you need a new Quartz Banger for your Dab Rig?

If you are going to be dabbing you will need a banger and the best type of banger are quartz bangers, because they heat up quickly, hold the heat better and wont break as easily as regular glass bangers because of their high tolerane to heat.

These bangers are not made from glass, they are actually made made using quartz crystal. A good Quartz banger will last much longer than a plain glass version. Quartz bangers are super simple to keep clean, and won’t give off any nasty gases when you heat them. A banger is a required part of the dabbing method and if you want a great dabbing session you should be using a Quartz Banger.

Here are our some of our best selling quartz bangers, and why you should use them with your dab rig.

Most popular quartz bangers – Gravel Quartz Bangers

Quartz Banger - Dabbing Accessories - Molino Glass Bongs

If you for a really great quartz banger the our Gravel Quartz Bangers will fit your needs perfectly.

With a joint size of 14.5 mm and a 90 degree anglethese bangers can fit any suitable dab rig. They are amazing at holding the heat, and very easy to clean. They are piece using high-quality glass and quartz, so you can be sure of a great dabbing experience when using one of these

If you’re looking for a simple, reliable, high-quality banger, you cannot go wrong with this one.

Gravel Quartz Banger Sets

Our Gravel Quartz Bangers are our most popular style or banger for dabbing. So we decided to sell them in various sets and sizes. They are available with 10mm and 14.5mm joint sizes, making them a perfect addition to your dabbing rig. Each set comes with the Quartz Banger and a Quartz Saucer Carb Cap in a handy metal tin.

We have a lot of other Bangers to choose from in your Dabbing Tools Category as well as other dabbing tools such as Carb Caps and Glass or Steel Dabbers.

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