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What are some Unique Glass Bongs I can buy?

Most avid smokers would agree that a glass bong is one of the most classic smoking pieces you can buy. Not only does the water inside the bong cool down your hit allowing for a more pleasant smoking experience, it also filters out some of the harmful carcinogens and ash that you may risk ingesting using a different piece. This is why when you are shopping around for your next piece, a glass bong is always a good choice.

The good news is that finding a unique glass bongs that you will love is not a difficult task, as glass bongs come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Here at Molino Glass, we have several quality, unique glass bongs to choose from.

Our best selling Unique Glass Bongs

When it comes to unique glass bongs, then our Artists Series 9mm Turtle Bong is a beautiful, aquatic piece that will catch any ocean-lover’s eye. The sleek, clear body of this artistic bong is paired tastefully with a pop of swirling color on the bowl; and the handblown turtle attached to the side of the base gives this piece a one-of-a-kind aquatic flare. This bong is made of a 9mm Heavy Wall Pyrex Glass, and features a stable base and mouthpiece with ice notches built in to cool smoke down even further.

Another unique glass bong option from our Artists Series is our one-of-a-kind Butterfly Bong. This bong also features a sleek base and mouthpiece with a colorful twist on the bowl. The beautifully detailed butterfly attached to the base was handblown by American glass blower Brent Tattershall. This 7mm Heavy Wall Pyrex Glass bong also features ice notches to ensure the most pleasant smoking experience possible.

Unique Glass Bongs – Designer Collection

We also have a selection of unique glass bongs inspired by your favorite fashion design houses. These are some of our most popular and definitely unique glass bongs.

The Inspired by Chanel Bong features a slender gray base with a chic Chanel inspired logo reverse engraved and running vertically over the neck of this amazing bong. The diamond-inspired bowl gives this bong an added feeling of sophistication and high class. This bong was updated in 2021 with thicker and heavier 7mm glass that is able to withstand the test of time, and it features a newly updated ice ring instead of the ice notches on older versions.

Our Inspired by Gucci Bong is another gorgeous designer piece with a detailed, gold print featuring cannabis leaves. This bong was also updated in 2021 to a thicker 7mm glass, and an internal ice ring instead of ice notches. The translucent yellow diamond-style bowl fits perfectly with the classy, gold logos which are reverse engraved over the surface of this stylish bong. This is the perfect bong for anyone looking for an added dose of fancy in their lives.

The Pink Bong inspired by Louis Vuitton combines high class with a feminine flare. The Louis Vuitton inspired monogram engraving paired with the bold pink color gives this bong a one-of-a-kind boldness––it is sure to turn into a conversation piece for any smoker. This designer bong was updated in 2021 to a thicker 7mm glass, and features an internal ice ring instead of ice notches. Additionally, the 7mm Heavy Wall Glass Pyrex will be thicker and last longer making this, and any of the bongs in this series, a solid choice.

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