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What are Glass Spoon Pipes?

Glass spoon pipes, what many people refer to as a glass handpipe, are a common type of pipe used for smoking different kinds of herbs. Although each glass spoon pipe may look a little different, the main components of glass spoon pipes are the bowl, the carburetor, the mouthpiece, and the stem.

Not every spoon pipe has a carburetor, but if you have the option, try to find a pipe that has one, as they allow for the most efficient smoking experience.

The mouthpiece is where you place your mouth to inhale, and they come in all different shapes and sizes depending on each individual pipe.

The bowl is where you pack whatever herb you are smoking, and depending on the size and depth, it can hold more or less bud.

Glass spoon pipes remain popular choices among smokers as they are sleek, customizable, and discreet. They are also popular options because the bowl is often large enough to share with friends, and they are one of the most convenient and classic options available. A glass spoon pipe is many smoker’s first way of smoking weed, and if you don’t own one or two, you at least have memories of using one at some point in your life.

How do you use a glass spoon pipe?

Grind and pack your bud into the bowl so it is firm to the touch, but still allows for decent airflow. Hold the glass spoon pipe from the stem, and place your mouth on the mouthpiece. Light your bowl from the side while inhaling, using hemp wick if possible for a cleaner hit. The carb is used by placing your thumb, or any finger, over the hole on your inhale. Clear your hit by releasing your thumb and continuing your breath. Try to ignite as little bud as possible, and be courteous to others if you are sharing the bowl. Direct your exhale away from others.

How do you clean glass spoon pipes?

The easiest way to clean your glass spoon pipe is to use our Organic Glass Cleaner. Otherwise, you can soak your pipe in a solution of salt and isopropyl alcohol, and then give it a good rinse with clean water.

Finding a glass spoon pipe you like.

Since the glass spoon pipe features such a classic and versatile design, finding one that you like isn’t hard as it is a highly customizable piece, and it typically comes in many different colors, styles, and sizes. There are usually shelves full of them in any good smoke shop. They are made in all different kinds of materials including wood, ceramics, and even silicone bowls are becoming more popular. However, the classic blown glass spoon pipe is arguably the most popular, and loved version.

When it comes to glass spoon pipes, we have many options available at Molino glass. Our Reversed Spoon Weed Pipes are four inches long and a half-inch in diameter. The colorful glasswork is vibrant and unique, sure to spark some questions about where you got it. We have three different color and design options to choose from in this particular pipe, so you are sure to find one that suits you.

We also have some unique pieces, like the Hurricane Mini Hammer and the Honeycomb Mini Galaxy available. The Hurricane Mini Hammer features a tall bowl and a slender, sleek pipe giving it an interesting, one-of-a-kind appeal. The Honeycomb Mini Galaxy is a highly unique piece featuring a galactic, otherworldly design, and a dreamy color scheme. Whatever your preferences may be, we at Molino glass have many options available to suit all of your smoking wants and needs.

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