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What is the point of a percolator on a bong?

Do you remember being in science class as a kid and seeing all sorts of test tubes with intricate, mind bending attachments you could never quite understand? You watched in awe as your teacher performed what seemed to be magic inside of funny glass cylinders hoping to one day do the same.

That is the exact feeling you’ll get while seeing someone smoke from out of a percolator bong for the first time.

Chances are you’ve seen one before! You might’ve questioned the chambers and cylinders with strange things you may have never seen in a run of the mill bong and wondered, “what in the hell are these things?” I’m here to tell you what they are and how they can revolutionize your smoking experience!

If you’re a regular bong smoker and have not yet been graced with the glorious smooth hit of a percolator bong then you are sorely missing out. Percolator bongs are next to near perfection when it comes to easy going, smooth smoke sessions. They include numerous types of chambers, some with the more standard tree percolators all the way to the more unique, almost scientific looking percolators with Molino Glass’ very own Mad Scientist Percolator bongs.

If you’re looking for simplicity mixed in perfectly with versatility then we’ve got the bong for you! It’s the Mad Scientist V2 Glass Percolator Bong. Its uniquely designed shape allows for the incredibly smoke smoothing percolator diffusion system to be removed with ease for a different experience or simply to clean it.

Not that cleaning any other perc is an issue with Molino Glass’ 100% natural bong cleaning solution—it can easily clean three! Three percs you ask? Well, our Mad Scientist V4 Percolator Bong carries not one, not two, but three perc chambers for your smoking delight. Even Einstein couldn’t have done better! This quality hunk of glass comes with a mind bending Mushroom Percolator at the base with a Shower Dome Percolator on the second story and a seven arm Tree Percolator right above to be the cherry on top! Each of these percs have different functions but all serve the same purpose: to better and smoothen your smoke!

Now all that might sound confusing to untrained ears so I will explain a bit.

A percolator is in many ways what a simple diffused downstem is but taken to the next level. Just in the same way a diffuser creates bubbles to further purify and cleanse the smoke, a percolator does ten times stronger. Usually a perc has multiple slits, when the smoke passes through percs it creates diffusion. So, in order for them to work properly you will need to cover each and every one of these little holes with water in order for them to work their magic!

It’s as easy as preparing your casual bongs with water and goes a hell of a lot further than the base level of diffusion you’re use too. The extra layer of protection creates even more bubbles as the smoke travels through the percolator chambers after first being brought through the base of the bong.

This not only improves the flavor of your hits but in turn adds to the smoothness of your hit. You’d be hard pressed to find a cleaner hit as each percolator chamber is hard at work, mellowing out massive bong rips, purifying the smoke and acting as a shield in resisting any debris from entering your lungs.

Percolation in its many forms are also used for splash maintenance, so while pulling a decent hit through your glass, watching as bubbles rise through the main tube, your lips will remain safe from an inconvenient splash. Your taste buds will thank you for using a percolator bong but even more so, your lungs will.

Convinced yet? These heavy duty Molino Glass percolator bongs will never disappoint and are guaranteed to deliver strong hits with a smooth flavor. No more coughing up a lung for fifteen minutes after a smoke session. These percs truly take the harshness out which is definitely a huge relief to both everyday smokers and the newbies. Whether you’re sticking to a classical tree branch perc for your first or moving on up to our more advanced Mad Scientist glass bongs, every one of our percolator bongs is built to satisfy. Stop on by and find the one for you! And as always, happy smoking from Molino Glass!

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Discount only applicable to full price items, only one code per order. You can unsubscribe at any time.