Are cheap mini dab rigs worth it?

When you hear the word "dabbing", you probably think of that weird dance move from 2015. However, if like me, you enjoy the wondrous plant known as cannabis something very different comes to mind when you hear dabbing. Dabbing has become an extremely popular way of enjoying cannabis that has risen in both notoriety and popularity in the mainstream cannabis world.

What is Dabbing?

Many love dabbing as the wax concentrate used is much more potent than the dried herb. Wax, shatter or honeycomb is a highly concentrated form of THC (often 60%-80%). It is made by extracting the THC from the cannabis plant using a chemical solvent such as butane for example. The result is a beautifully golden sticky substance that can be smoked out of a dab rig. This means dabbers don’t need to smoke quite so much to feel the full effects. More and more cannabis connoisseurs are trying out dabbing with wonderful results. Rapper Action Bronson now exclusively dabs when he is in the mood for some marijuana. The New Yorker often says Hardcore Shatter is by far his favourite cannabis product on the market.

The Dab Rig

So now you know all about shatter you are probably keen to give it a go. But slow down real quick cause to dab you are going to have to get the right equipment. When it comes to dabbing, a dab rig is the best way to get the most out of your concentrated cannabis oil.

A dab rig or concentrate rig is quite an impressive contraption. It is similar to a bong or water pipe, except it is used for smoking wax instead of dried herbs. You do need to pack up some extra equipment to get your dab on. Dab rigs are made up of a few basic parts.

  • Water Pipe: Just like a bong, this pipe contains water to cool down those waxy hits.
  • Nail or Banger: This is where the wax goes before it gets heated up into smoke. The nail is almost like the bowl on a bong.
  • Dab Tool: Dab tools are small pieces of metal which are used to load your concentrate. They work like a special wax spoon. This is essential if you don't want to burn your fingers.

These are just the basic parts of a dabbing rig setup. There are also a large number of extras and add-ons available for dab rigs.

The difference between a dab rig and a mini dab rig is, well, the size. A mini dab rig can do everything a regular-sized rig can do but it is just a small dab rig.

Size Isn’t Everything

A mini dabbing rigs comes with plenty of benefits compared to its larger counterpart. Firstly they are smaller and more compact. This makes mini dab rigs perfect for quick single smoke sessions or to take over to friends’ houses. Not only are they portable but much easier to store. They don’t take up too much space meaning most can fit in a kitchen cupboard. 

Most people reading this will understand the struggle of keeping bongs and dab rigs clean. Due to the mini dabbing rigs smaller design, they are easier to clean and also easier to keep clean. This means you can spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying that wax.

Mini dabbing rigs are usually also cheaper than regular-sized dab rigs too. On Molino Glass, you can bag yourself a high-quality mini dab rig for no more than $69.95.

Now when we say cheap...

When you read the heading of this article you probably were thinking cheap to mean poorly made or badly designed mini dabbing rigs. However, by comparison to their full-sized counterparts, all mini dab rigs are cheaper. When it comes to the price point on mini dab rigs it is often a reflection of the number of materials and labour it takes to make these little devices. As long as the materials used are of high quality then you have nothing to worry about except saving some money. For example Molino glass stocks high-quality mini dab rigs for $59.95 and we often have them on sale.

So are cheap mini dabbing rigs worth it? In our opinion, they most certainly are worth it! Just because they are cheaper doesn’t mean these little bad boys lack quality for one second. If you are thinking about trying wax, a small dabbing rig is a perfect device to get you going. Order from Molino Glass today with free shipping on all orders over $50. That means all mini dabbing rigs come with free US shipping. All of Molino’s mini dab rigs are made with only the highest quality Pyrex glass so you know you are only getting clean hits. They also all come with a Quartz Banger and FREE glass bowl so you can use your mini dabbing rig for consuming dabs and also for flower.



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