Are glass hand pipes better than weed bubblers for smoking weed?

There are various methods we can use to get our hit of cannabis. Most people will be familiar with rolling joints and smoking bongs, but these are not always the most convenient method of smoking herbs. When you want to get high on the fly, bongs are too cumbersome, and there isn’t always the opportunity to roll a joint. Enter the glass hand pipe – a super-convenient way to take your choice herbs out and about wherever you go.

Glass hand pipes have been around for a while, and many people enjoy their convenience and portability. A glass hand pipe typically has four main features: a bowl for the weed, a carb hole, the glass body, and a mouthpiece. But they come in a variety of styles and designs— glass hand pipes and weed bubblers being the most popular styles. So let’s have a look at the differences between these two great options.

Both glass hand pipes and glass weed bubblers offer portability and discretion, and cleaning is much easier than with a larger, traditional bong. It’s easy to fit a weed bubbler or a glass hand pipe into a pocket. Loading and smoking take a matter of moments. You just need to whip it out of your pocket, load the bowl with your bud of choice, cover the carb hole with your thumb as you light and inhale, and then uncover the carb hole as you continue to inhale. Then you can relax into the rest of your day with a smile. However, there are a few differences between weed bubblers and glass hand pipes.

There’s a clue to the main difference between the weed bubbler and the glass hand pipe in the name ‘bubbler’. Also known as weed water pipes, the weed bubbler contains a small amount of water, like a mini-bong. The design of these weed bubblers incorporates a chamber that holds water. Similar to its larger cousin the bong, weed bubblers allow for the smoke to be drawn through this water chamber, smoothing and cooling the smoke before it reaches the smoker. You just need to add a small amount of water to cover the bottom of the stem inside the bubbler.

Glass hand pipes, on the other hand, are completely dry inside—adding a little extra convenience and ease of use but sacrificing a little of the smoothness you get from the weed bubbler. But this lack of water inside the glass weed pipe makes it easier to keep them clean and hygienic, especially if you use Molino Glass Cleaner. The lack of bubbling through a water reservoir also makes them quieter and more discrete to use than the weed bubbler, and even more portable with no water to spill.

For glass hand pipes, there are a couple of different shaped designs to choose from. The most popular designs are the glass spoon pipes and the hammer pipes. The glass spoon pipes resemble a spoon in shape and are neatly compact and easily slide into a pocket. Check out the options and great designs available from Molino Glass glass spoon pipes.

Glass weed bubblers are slightly larger than the glass spoon pipes, but are still pocket friendly and easy to use. In addition to the chamber for the water, the hammer-shaped design of weed bubblers affords a chamber below the bowl to catch any ash. These water pipes also come in an array of styles and colours – the gun design being a fan favourite and best seller.

Once you have made your decision between a glass hand pipe or a weed bubbler, there are a couple of other factors to consider when selecting your next smoking vessel. From a safety point of view, you might want to consider the thickness and quality of the glass. At Molino, we use only the highest quality heat-resistant glass.

Another feature to pay attention to when selecting the perfect glass hand pipe is the capacity of the bowl. Make sure you are happy with the amount of weed you can fit into the bowl, and then, once you have checked out the different simple and stylish designs and the various colour options, you are ready to purchase your new favourite smoking buddy.

Every stoner should have at least one of these beautiful, convenient glass hand pipes in their smoking toolkit. Whether you are off out into nature on a trek, going to a music festival, or staying home on the sofa with a movie, a glass weed pipe or bubbler will ensure you have a chilled, relaxing time. Check out our great options for glass weed pipes and weed bubblers—you will not regret adding style and convenience to your smoking habits. Then you just have to load it, light it, and love it...

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