Big Dab Rigs vs Mini Dab Rigs - Which type are best?

The bigger the better, right? Well, when it comes to dab rigs that’s not necessarily the case.

With cannabis concentrates getting better and better in recent years, both in terms of quality and variety, it’s no wonder that dabbing is becoming ever more popular. Naturally, every dabber wants to know how to get the best possible hit - and we are here to help you solve this question.

Today, we are talking about dab rigs and why mini dab rigs might be better than large ones.

What is a dab rig and why do I need one?

A dab rig (also commonly called an oil rig) is the ultimate tool for smoking cannabis concentrates. If you are already familiar with oil rigs and how they work, you can skip this part.

For the rest of the readers who might still be wondering what in the world a dab rig is, we’ll go over the basics. Knowing the ins and outs of how dab rigs work will help us understand the difference between small and big rigs.

In essence, a dab rig is a water pipe. It looks very much like a bong, and in many ways, it is literally the same. The main difference between oil rigs and bongs is the part you use to combust your cannabis.

Every bong has a bowl into which you place your herb, but oil rigs have a banger instead of it. A banger, also often called a (dabbing nail) is a “bowl” of sorts used for concentrates. With a bong bowl, you obviously just burn your herb with a lighter, with a dabbing nail you heat up the surface of it first and then add your dab.

A good nail or banger is a very important part of the dabbing experience. To ensure you get only the best, all Molino Glass dab rigs and mini dab rigs come with high quality quartz bangers. Quartz crystal is simply the best material for dab nails because it’s completely non-toxic and heats up quickly, thus giving you the cleanest hits possible.

Other than that, dab rigs look very much like bongs. However, different rules apply when choosing the best one. That’s because burning flower and vaporizing concentrate are two completely different processes.

Does the size of a dab rig really matter?

When smoking flower, bigger is typically better. Most would agree that a nice big bong will give you a more mellow hit than a small bong. And the more chambers and percs there are the better the quality of the hit. However, when it comes to dab rigs, things are not that simple.

The keyword here is percolation. Percolation is the process that inevitably happens in a water pipe when the smoke comes in contact with the water. By going through the water, the smoke gets cooled down and filtered resulting in a smoother hit, at least when smoking herb. As big water pipes simply hold more water, that always means more percolation. The smoke will always be cooler and more mellow.

However, with an oil rig, we don’t necessarily want this cooling in effect. In fact, when you are dabbing, you are not really creating smoke but vapor. This vapor is super clean so it doesn’t need filtration and it really doesn’t need that much cooling down. Rather, a shorter way from the nail to your mouth will result in a cleaner, more intense flavor and let you get the most of your hit. This is why mini dab rigs are preferred by many cannabis pros.

Large Dab Rigs

So what is the advantage of large dab rigs? Well, there is one main point: bigger rigs allow for bigger hits. If you are a serious dabber and not afraid of a challenge a full size dab rig might just be what you need.

And, after all, these babes look amazing so you’ll love showing them off to your friends. For example, the Molino Glass Mephisto V2 Stemless Oil Rig looks absolutely stunning. Being 40 cm high, it will blow you away too. WIth 2 separate chambers and 3 diffusers, you can take absolutely humongous hits without any harshness in your throat. But will you be able to handle them? Let’s be honest, not everyone can or should smoke that much concentrate.

On the bright side, the Molino Glass full size rigs also come with a bowl included that lets you convert your oil rig into a classic water pipe for smoking flower. So, if you decide your rig is too big for dabbing, you might still love using it as a bong.

If you are not sure yet, though, we’d really advise you to get a mini dab rig. These are definitely a more beginner-friendly and versatile option.

Mini Dab Rigs

These days, dab rigs come in all sorts of sizes, from tiny micro rigs to large monsters. Those who’ve tried everything will tell you: for the best possible hit, you want a small oil rig, but not too small.

That’s exactly what Molino Glass Mini Dab Rigs are. All of our dab rigs are 15 cm high. That’s the smallest size that can still be considered a table rig. These rigs were created to give you the absolute best dab hits, harvesting all the flavor and potency of your concentrate.;

The Earth Mini Dab Rig from Molino Glass is a classic example. With a streamlined design and a stable base, this beaker-shaped oil rig delivers clean hits straight to your brain. This dab rig is proof that all you need for the ultimate dabbing experience is a simple water pipe and a good banger / nail.

If you’d like something a bit fancier (and also a bit fun), check out our Baby Bottle Mini Dab Rig. The baby bottle shape is not just fun, but also functional. This mini rig also packs a single inline percolator on the bottom. While percs are not strictly necessary for dabbing, this one is just enough to smoothen out your hits for an incredibly mellow experience.

Benefits of Mini Dab Rigs

  • Pure Flavor. With mini dab rigs, you’ll get to feel the flavor of the concentrate you are smoking to the fullest. These hits are simply delicious.
  • Stronger Hits. When using a small dab rig, every toke will hit you hard. The same amount of wax or other concentrate will feel much more intense with a smaller rig. Plus, using concentrate lets you get a nice big hit much more easily than with flowers.
  • Efficiency. When using mini dab rigs, you are minimizing the amount of cannabinoids that get wasted. You’ll get most of the THC into your system instead of throwing it into the wind.
  • Convenience. Mini dab rigs are awesome because you can take them anywhere with you. Put them in your car or even your backpack when you are on the go - the thick borosilicate glass won’t break easily.
  • Price. Mini oil rigs are cheaper than full sized ones. This might not be the main reason to choose mini, but it’s a nice bonus in any case!

Now you know what the difference is between a big dab rig and a small dab rig what are you going to choose for yourself?

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