Dabbing Cannabis Fully Explained

So What is Dabbing Cannabis?

As well as using the cannabis flower itself, a higher concentration of the (trichomes) THC and cannabinoids (CBD) in the plant can be extracted by using either butane or carbon dioxide as a solvent. The extract appears by way of a sticky viscous oil that in various forms is known as Butter, Dabs, Live Resin, Oil, Shatter, or Wax. (Glossary of Terms in the Cannabis Community). They are referred to collectively as simply, concentrates. Aromatic oils, which provide the cannabis flavor, can also be extracted. These are called Terpenes, though it can be difficult to preserve these particularly volatile compounds during the extraction process.

Extracting cannabis can, as we said above, provide CBD which is used for medical marijuana. However, it’s the extraction of THC that caught the attention of smokers. Concentrates containing high levels of THC are the fastest and most efficient way to get high.

THC rich marijuana concentrates are normally heated on a hot surface, often called a nail. The vapor produced is then inhaled. This form of smoking marijuana is relatively new, it has been around for about a decade. As dabbing cannabis has increased in popularity so has the number of different types of concentrates that are now available.

What Equipment do I need For Dabbing Cannabis?

To get started, you need to buy a dab rig. The best ones are made from high-quality borosilicate glass. As a great starter, we recommend one of our mini dab rigs to start off. They are inexpensive and you are sure to find one that suits your style

You can always move up to a larger a full sized glass dabbing rig when you decide you are ready for larger hits..

You should also get your self a stainless steel dabber, to place the concentrate onto the nail in order to heat it.

You will also need a butane torch to heat the nail safely and a piece of cloth and possibly q tips for cleaning.

How Do I Dab Cannabis?

1: Water The Chamber

The first step is to add water to your rig. Blow down the downstream to ensure that bubbles appear in the water. If water splashes back into your mouth, you have added too much, so pour some out.

2: Season The Nail

Quartz or titanium is best. When a nail is brand new, they sometimes have trace elements of metals. On the first use, heat the nail up to get rid of these. This avoids unpleasant tastes. Heat the nail until it glows red and use your dabber to add a small amount of concentrate. Ensure that the whole of the nail is covered. Then use a pair of tongs to remove the nail and place it in water. Do this three times. You are ready to go.

3: Prepare The Dab

Use your dabber, pick up a small amount of concentrate. This will probably be less than you are expecting. Set it aside for a moment.

4: Heat The Nail

Using your torch, heat the nail, ensuring that the flame is pointed away from the dab rig at all times. Direct heat applied to the glass may crack it. Get the nail red hot, then pause for about 45 seconds.

5: Pause

After heating, you will need to allow the nail to cool slightly. With different rigs and nails, this time will vary. As you get used to your equipment you will soon discover the optimum time to suit your equipment.

6: Place The Concentrate On The Nail

When your nail reaches the optimum temperature, place the concentrate on and around it. Use your dabber to slowly rub the oil around the interior edges of the nail. At the same time, suck on the pipe to pull air through the chamber, making the water bubble as the vapor is produced. This is dabbing!

7: Inhale Through The Mouthpiece

As the concentrate melts vapors fill the glass. Take a draw and inhale the vapor through the mouthpiece. Keep inhaling until you empty the rig’s chamber of vapor. You are now dabbing cannabis.

8: Enjoy And Repeat

As the rig empties, exhale and take as many hits as you need.

9: Clean Your Equipment

Heat your dabber gently and wipe clean with a cloth. Without getting it too hot you may use an alcohol-based cleaner. Clean your nail by either heating it right up and allowing it to cool, or use a Q-Tip and Isopropyl alcohol.

Dabbing Cannabis –Summary

Dabbing is a great way to get high and is an excellent social activity. Using good equipment you and your friends can use high quality concentrates. Dabbing cannabis tends to produce higher highs than smoking it in traditional bongs. By checking the Molino products you will find the right equipment to suit your requirements.

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