Does the Size of a Glass Bong Matter?

The decision to invest in a bong is pretty straightforward: smoking a glass bong is quick and easy; the water filtration gives us smoother hits than joints or blunts, and bongs allow for bigger hits. But when you start shopping around, you will notice a huge, somewhat-confusing array of different shapes and sizes to choose from. How do you narrow down your search between all the large bongs, small bongs, big bongs, tall bongs, and mini bongs? How important a role does the size of the glass bong play?

Whilst "bigger is better" is an age-old adage, when it comes to investing in a quality glass bong, the size of the bong you choose should also depend a little on your budget and on how and where you intend to use it...

How Does Bong Size Affect Smoothness?

One of the major advantages of glass bongs over blunts and joints is the smoothness of the smoke. The addition of water to the mix and the act of pulling the smoke through this water provides for a cooler, smoother smoke. The water cools the smoke as it passes through the water chamber at the base of the bong. Cooler smoke is less harsh on our throats, so we get a smoother, better-tasting hit from our buds.

All bongs have a water chamber, so how does size affect the smoothness? Well, the simple answer is that more water allows for more water, which means more filtration. The more water the smoke passes through, the cooler and smoother the resulting hit will be. Large bongs can hold more water in the water chamber than small bongs or mini bongs, so you should expect a smoother hit from the large bong.

Another advantage the big bong holds over the small bong is that with a large bong, there is more space to add extra features. In the pursuit of the ultimate smooth-hitting bong, size is important. A large glass bong will have a longer main tube, and it’s much easier to incorporate ice rings and percolators into the design.

An ice ring, or ice notch, is a small platform on the inside of the main tube upon which you can rest an ice cube. As you take a hit from the bong, the smoke passes around the ice cube, cooling it even further to give a super-smooth hit.

Adding a percolator to a glass bong also improves smoothness. A percolator allows for the smoke to pass into it via a larger hole; at the other end of the percolator are several smaller holes. As the smoke passes through the percolator, it is broken up into smaller streams of bubbles by the percolator. Having more, smaller bubbles increases the surface area of the smoke in contact with the water and therefore cools the smoke even more.

If you’re looking for a smooth operator, then you should concentrate your search on the more feature-rich big bongs.

How Does Bong Size Affect Portability?

While attaining the perfect smooth hit is of the utmost significance, you should also think about how and where you plan to smoke your new glass bong. Some people will be looking for a glass bong for home use only, while others may want a bong they can take out and about in nature. If you are looking for a new addition to your smoking den and portability is not an issue, then the big bongs will serve your needs perfectly and ensure a smoother hit too.

But, if you are looking to take your new smoking companion on nature walks and hikes, to festivals, or simply to a day at the beach, then the large bongs will be too cumbersome and inpractical. If you need more portability from your new bong, then you should concentrate on the small bongs and mini bongs. While they have less water capacity than a large bong, they still provide a smoother hit than a joint, and refilling the bowl is easier and faster than rolling another phat one.

How Does Bong Size Affect Discretion?

While smoking marijuana is becoming more socially acceptable with every passing day, there are still times when you may need to stash your new glass bong out of sight. And, obviously, a large bong is more difficult to conceal than a short bong. If being able to pop your bong into a drawer or cupboard is essential to you, then the mini bongs may be what you are looking for. These mini bongs still have a water chamber to cool the smoke, but they hold much less cooling water than the large bongs can.

One other factor to consider with regards to discretion is the sheer volume of smoke that the bong will produce. The large bongs have a larger internal volume and can hold a bigger hit inside. When we then exhale this huge hit, there will be a large cloud of pungent smoke. And if you’re worried about the neighbors or nosey flatmates catching a whiff, then maybe a smaller bong will give you more peace of mind when kicking back with your best buds.

Our Final Thoughts...

With the bong market constantly growing and more and more choices becoming available, choosing your first or next bong can be a little daunting. The smoothness of the hit we get from the bong will always be an important factor in choosing your glass bong; be careful not to overlook the other factors. Where do you plan to enjoy your new bong? How important is it to be able to hide your bong away when not in use? Focus on these two factors first, then choose the smoothest option available to suit your budget and needs. Then simply kick back and enjoy some quality time with your new best friend...

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