Glass Hand Pipes compared to Mini Water Pipes

A water pipe is also known as a bong which is a word that came into use thanks to hippies from the late 60s. The word “bong” started getting popular among cannabis users because it was used in the Cheech and Chong movies, but these days people using a bong prefer to call it a water pipe.

This is only fair because “bong” was the word used to describe a simple contraption comprising of a long stem sealed at the bottom where water is held.

These days, stoners prefer to refer to the bong as water pipe because now there are different chambers, tiers, percs that make simply calling it a bong disrespectful; however, that is what it essentially is.

On the other hand, hand pipes are tools created for people who enjoy smoking on the go because of their portability. Unlike water pipes, they are built on the smaller side and mostly don’t have water chambers or percs.

Dry pipes are usually handheld and can come in a multitude of styles however the basic design features a tube look with a bowl to hold the flowers at one end and a mouthpiece on the other.

Now that we are clear on what a hand pipe is and what a water pipe is, we can discuss the various types of hand pipes and water pipes.

These days there is so much innovation; hand pipes can come in a variety of exquisite styles and can be made from different materials, including Quartz, glass, and metal, while water pipes have become infinitely more sophisticated.

This short article takes a look at some differences between hand pipes made with glass and small water pipes. It will also cover the benefits of both smoking tools.

What is the difference between a glass hand pipe and a mini water pipe?

Glass hand pipes are basically small dry pipes fashioned out of glass. Now you may be wondering why anyone would want to get a hit using a tool made with glass, but there are several ingenious reasons why glass makes a great material for pipes.

One of those reasons includes the fact that a glass pipe conducts heat better than metal. Granted, metal might get heated faster, but that heat spreads across the pipe in a short period of time, leaving you handling a hot pipe and nursing burnt fingers later.

Glass hand pipes don’t get hot as quickly as hand pipes made with other materials. Glass hand pipes also lose heat very rapidly and are the easiest to clean and maintain.

A clean glass pipe is guaranteed to give you an unadulterated high and if you clean it with the right tools there will be no trace of your previous smoke in the flavor of the one you’re on at the moment.

The glass hand pipe is indeed a great tool for ingesting cannabis however it has a rival in the mini water pipes as many stoners now argue that using a mini water pipe is the best way to enjoy a satisfying smoke.

Mini water pipes offer effective smoking; the water pipe is equipped with features that cool and also filter the smoke you take in. The end product is a cool mist like smoke that slides smoothly down your throat without burning it.

You can find water pipes of different sizes but the small bongs are more easier to compare to the hand pipes. Large bongs are hard to move around and are usually more fragile but mini water pipes offer portability and a great smoking experience.

Benefits of using glass handpipes

  • They are easy to use
  • They are more durable
  • Can be quite stylish
  • They deliver a pure, powerful hit
  • They are great conductors of heat i.e. they don’t burn your hands

Benefits of using mini water pipes

  • They can come in various styles and designs
  • They are much more efficient and thus produce a smoother hit
  • Better filtration thereby reducing the amount of toxic compounds that reach your lungs
  • Enables a more advanced dose control

Conclusion - Which is better? A glass handpipe or a mini water pipe?

Glass hand pipes are great compared to all the other hand pipes there are, however, if you want to treat your lungs to a less harsher method of consuming cannabis, the mini water pipe would be your best bet.

Aside from glass hand pipes and mini water pipes, another method of consuming marijuana effectively is through the use of a mini dabbing rig. Dabbing offers a considerably more intense high, however newbies are usually not advised to begin their smoking journey with dabbing.

In the end, how you choose to consume your cannabis is up to you but this information will help you make an informed decision.

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