Glass Hand Pipes - What you need to know.

There are few things in the world that are as convenient to a stoner as Glass Hand Pipes. They are simple, fashionable, can be toted from here to there and essentially the easiest and of the utmost classic smoking apparatus outside of the joint. Glass hand pipes go beyond that though. They go with the flow—they fit to any situation. Whether you’re going for a long hike, staying at home, enjoying company with friends, it doesn't matter. The fact is that you really can't go wrong with a glass hand pipe.

A glass hand pipe's consistency is truly unmatched in the smoking World. They practically have a never ending shelf life depending on how they are cared for and will always hit with the same ease as the first ever toke. Never to fail or falter; they are always there, ready to smoke when you are. And here at Molino Glass we got you covered with a surplus of glass hand pipes for weed to fit your every smoking needs. Glass Hand pipes are both simple and stylish, with a wide variety of designs to show off to your stoner friends—we’ve got them all! Stop by and pick up your very own today!

If you're still not convinced, let's go over the practicality of a good Glass Hand Pipe.

Never has smoking your favorite flowers been this easy and this flavorful. Within moments of the very first thought to smoke you can be and easily so. All you need to do is simply load the bowl portion of the pipe with your marijuana product, add flame while gently sucking through the mouthpiece of the tube and holding the carb with your thumb, release, and inhale deeply to clear the piece of any remaining smoke. Now that's what I call simple smoking. Even the clean up is much simpler than your average bong! Clearing the ash from out the piece is as easy as blowing to remove any debris. You can also simply run warm water through the pipe, give it a shake or two and repeat till the piece is back to new again. And when you want to really clean out your glass hand pipe we recommend our Organic Glass Bong Cleaner for the ultimate in cleaning.

Glass hand pipes have a sturdy base and usually quite a big bowl with no detachments or add ons, providing a pure smoking experience within seconds. With it being only one solid piece of glass its durability is massively improved from most other “glass on glass” pieces such as a bong or bubblers with glass slide bowls. These pipes are built to last so that one day you could be smoking the very same pipe as you did in your twenties later on in your elder years with these reliable pieces! And did we mention the big bowl size? These bowls were made for strong smoking! More times than not the smoking experience is prolonged with these bad boys and not only for the size of the bowl but for the way in which they are used. They require less suction in comparison to a bong so no green is spared and sucked through the tube without ever being lit making this the perfect conservation or party smoking tool. It will most certainly make rounds across your smoking circle. It’s true, a little goes a long way with a good Glass Pipe.

Beyond classic Glass Spoon Pipes lay the almighty Bubblers for Weed. At Molino Glass we serve the finest Sherlock Bubblers at fair prices equipped with unique, trippy and down right awesome designs. A bubbler differentiates itself from more straight forward pipes by allowing you to filter the smoke through water first. This water filtration system both cools and purifies the smoke before ever entering your lungs, allowing you to take much bigger, cleaner hits with ease. Plus the longer neck of the mouthpiece on our bubblers adds more cooling and surface space for a perfect and long lasting smoking experience. Simply pour a bit of water either through the bowl or the mouthpiece until the bottom of the stem inside is covered and you can feel the water gurgle as you smoke. It works just the same as a classic Glass Hand Pipe would but with that extra layer of protection and mellowness. The great thing about our Sherlock Bubbler is they are bound to get you the same quality hit as you would from a bong but with much less work and effort in setting up.

The very best part of both the Sherlock Bubbler and Glass Hand Pipe is in my opinion the portability. Easily stowed away into your jacket pocket or small bag compartment you can take them with you on any adventure you choose to go on. They are perfect for bringing over to a friend's house and sharing bowl after bowl. Or perhaps you are more of a lone wolf kind of person? Well perfect! These will be your new best friends on your journey through life! To the beach, on a walk, a hike through the woods, even a nice night in on the couch or on your porch as you watch the sunset—these Handpipes will always be with you and ready to go when you are. It is as easy as three simple steps: Load the bowl with your favorite flower, light it up and inhale.

Don’t get me wrong, both have their differences with ups and downs, but you can't deny that this simplistic style of smoking is perfect for both the casual and veteran stoner. A bubbler and a pipe are nearly as essential to any stoners tool kit as a screwdriver is to a mechanic. You will definitely need one of these in your arsenal of glass pieces. And luckily for you, here at Molino Glass we offer both with many colors and designs to choose from so that you can find the pipe and or bubbler to uniquely fit you and your style! Stop by and grab one! And as always, we here at Molino Glass wish you happy smoking!

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