Glossary of Cannabis Terms and Meanings

Sometimes the language used within the cannabis community can seem strange to newcomers. Here is a glossary of the most commonly used Cannabis Terms and Meanings to help you understand what people in the Cannabis Community are referring to.



Joint sizes on bongs normally come in three different sizes. 18.8 mm, 14.5 mm and 10.00 mm. An adapter enables you to switch between the two sizes.


An additional chamber or percolator added to the joint to catch as much of the ash and resin as possible before it enters your water pipe.


An atomizer is the part of a vaporizer that turns liquid into vapor, by heating it via coil conduction.

Aqua Lung

Also called Gravity Bong simply Grav. It’s a form of water pipe that using water and gravity to fill up a container with smoke. It is then opened and inhaled.


Balloon Bag

Simply a bag attached to a vaporizer to hold the vapor.

Beaker Base

A style of bong that has a beaker shaped base. Remember those scientific beakers from school chemistry lessons?


A miniature bong.


A device, normally made of glass or silicone that uses water to cool the smoke before taking a hit.


Low-quality herb, also known as Schwag.


A spliff, resembling a cigarillo. More often than not they contain just flower rolled in a tobacco leaf, though sometimes it's a mix of flower and tobacco.


Hogging the weed. Remember the song by Fraternity of Man in the movie Easy Rider? “Don’t Bogart that Joint my Friend.”


A large joint stuffed with at least a gram of weed. Almost as big as a blunt.


Often referred to as a ‘water pipe,’ ‘rig,’ or a piece,’ etc. Bongs comprise of a bowl, a stem, a water chamber, a tube, and a mouthpiece. Designed to smoke flower., the water is to cool the smoke. They are normally constructed from acrylic or high-quality glass.

Borosilicate Glass

High-quality glass manufactured from silica and boron trioxide as the main ingredients. It is more resistant to heat than other types of glass.

Bong Bowl

This is the part of your bong where you put dry flower to combust.


A hybrid of a hand-pipe and a bong, which can normally be held in one hand. They deliver small hits.


Etiquette of the cannabis community.

Canna Butter

Looks a lot like peanut butter and is malleable because of its doughy consistency. See also: Dabs, Live Resin, Oil, Shatter, and Wax



If your joint burns unevenly it creates a canoe-like formation in the paper.

Carb Cap

Simply a lid on a domed or dome-less nail. It preserves the heat within the chamber and regulates airflow to make dabbing more efficient.


Also referred to as spent, finished, burnt or dead, it just means that all of the usable flower has been smoked.


CBD stands for cannabidiol. It is one of the two main active chemicals in the herb. This is the chemical most used in medical marijuana.

Chillum Cup

Also called a “one-hitter” it’s a small pipe used for smoking small amounts of dry herb.

Clearing the Bowl

This involves torching all remaining flower inside the bowl to clear it.


Also called “Dabs”. It’s flower that has been pressed and infused in wax or oil. It’s used for vaporizing on a nail.


A pre-rolled paper in shape of a cone for easy joint making.

Cornering the Bowl

Lighting just one small section of the bowl. It enables you to get the most out of your flower.

Cotton Mouth

Cannabis community slang term for dry mouth which can be the result of smoking a lot of weed and possibly dehydration.


Rolled pieces of strong paper or bought filters placed at the base of joints to assist with rolling and to increase smoking pleasure. Also called Tips.


Dab Rig 

Also called an Oil Rig, it’s a bong specifically designed for smoking concentrates.


A tool for adjusting and placing concentrates onto a heated nail for dabbing.


Cannabis community slang term for concentrates. See also: Butter, Live Resin, Oil, Shatter, and Wax

Diffused Downstem

A downstem with added percolation.

Domed Nail

A dome that includes a heating nail and a dome. As the nail reaches the ideal temperature, you place the dome over it to contain escaping vapor. This also prevents you from touching the burning nail, before adding the concentrate.

Domeless Nail

As it sounds, a nail without the dome.


The specific amount of herb recommended for medical marijuana use.


The long glass pipe used to connect the bowl to the bong.

Drop Down

An adjustable adapter for a dab/oil rig, these are designed to add attachments without adding too much height to the rig.

Dry Piece

Any piece of smoking kit that doesn’t use water. For example chillums or hand pipes.


A system that usually has the ability to hold a chillum, a bat and storage of flower.



An electronic nail


Female Joint

A joint ending which is wider at the end than at the base. Designed to connect to male joints.


Much the same as in standard cigarettes, An insert that prevents ash or excess flower passing from the joint to your mouth.

Fumed Glass

A type of glass that changes color with age.



A bong that uses glass to glass joints instead of rubber stoppers.


Handheld vaporizers designed for concentrates. The name comes from the original brand.

Gravity Bong 

Also called Aqua Lung or simply “Grav”. It’s a form of water pipe that using water and gravity to fill up a container with smoke. It is then opened and inhaled.


The top and arguably the best layer of the bowl, where the weed is all green.


A device for breaking buds into easily manageable flower perfect for loading bowls or rolling. Some have spaces for pollen storage.



Abbreviation of “hashish”. This is compressed trichomes extracted from herb. Hash is more highly concentrated than dried herb.

Heady Glass

Stylized homemade and colored Glass.


An inert carbon stone used for dabbing concentrates.

Heat Gun

A device used for heating nails. They use dry-heat instead of an open flame.

Hemp Wick

A hemp fiber and beeswax wick used for smoking grass It is considered a safer option to a butane lighter.


One drag from a spliff, blunt or a glass bong.


The act of filling an enclosed space like a small room or even a car with copious amounts of smoke.


Ice Pinch

A bong attachment enabling you to insert ice for cooling, usually within the mouthpiece.


Cannabis community slang for an internal recycler. This keeps water on the move through the bong for better filtration.


A famous strain of herb known for inducing relaxing highs and a feeling of general wellbeing.


Joint Size – The part of a glass piece where the bowl or nail connects to the body. Commonly either 18.8mm or 14.5mm.


A rolled rice or hemp paper, tobacco-free cigarillo containing flower.



Slang used in the cannabis community for the pollen derived from grinding weed. It is usually used to top up bowls and make hash.

Kief Catcher

An attachment to a grinder that allows the kief/pollen to pass through a mesh screen into a storage compartment. Also called a Pollen Catcher.


A method of smoking herb by putting a bud between two hot knives and inhaling the smoke. It often involves using a bottle with the bottom cut out.


Lab Glass

Well designed glass bongs. They are durable and efficient. Often scientifically styled and made from high-quality glass.

Live Resin

This typically comes in oil form and is made from fresh plants that did not go through the normal drying process. While some users claim this is the ultimate dab, it is hard to find. See also: Butter, Dabs, Oil, Shatter, and Wax


Male Joint

A type of joint that is more narrow at the end to fit a female joint. Often found on dab/oil rigs.


A hit from a bong that is a mixture of flower and tobacco.



A bong attachment used for the smoking of concentrates.

Nectar Collector

A pipe for concentrates use that can be dry or use water, It is used by heating the end of the pipe and then dragging it over the concentrates while inhaling.


A slang term used in the cannabis community for a high-quality bud.



Also known as 710 or honey oil, this dab type is a thick liquid with an amber or dark gold color. Most oils are vaporized or smoked, but it is possible to eat some varieties. See Also Butter, Dabs, Live Resin, Shatter, and Wax

Oil Rig 

Also called a Dab Rig, it’s a bong specifically designed for smoking concentrates.



Holding onto the bong instead of passing on to the next member of the circle immediately after taking your hit.


Bongs that cool the smoke by filtering it through water. Also referred to as percs.


Cannabis community slang for any glass item.


A thin rolled joint or blunt that is lacking in substance.

Pollen Catcher

An attachment to a grinder that allows the pollen/kief to pass through a mesh screen into a storage compartment. Also called a Kief Catcher

Pollen Press

A device that applies pressure to your pollen/kief for the process of making hash.



Concentrate that is leftover in your nail and pipe. Collected and re-smoked, it’s known as Reclaim.


Leftover flower that accumulates inside glass bongs. , It can be collected and smoked. It is not as effective as fresh flower.


A device for rolling spliffs.

Rolling Papers

Rice or hemp papers for rolling flower into a cigarette known as a ‘joint.’



A popular strain of herb. It produces an energetic and psychoactive high. It is credited with increasing creativity.


Low-quality herb, also known as Bitchweed.

Scientific Glass

Glass bongs or bubblers with intricate designs with complex percolators and diffusers. In general, these concentrate more on design than color.


A mesh screen placed in the bottom of a bowl to prevent excess ash from entering the bong itself.

Seasoning (Your Titanium Nail)

Heating and cooling a titanium nail several times to remove the metallic taste that accompanies new nails.


Herb and crystals that fall off buds and collect at the bottom of a bag or jar.


A semi-transparent thin sheet of concentrate that looks like amber glass. It is easy to break below room temperature, so be wary. See also: Butter, Dabs, Live Resin, Oil, and Wax

Sherlock Pipe

A glass pipe shaped like the famous Sherlock Holmes pipe.

Space Cruise

Driving and smoking (not recommended)

Splash Guard

A design feature to prevent water from reaching the user’s mouth.


A rolled cigarette containing a mixture of flower and tobacco.

Smoke Buddy

A store-bought device designed to reduce or eliminate the smell and effects of smoke.

Spoof Buddy

A homemade device designed to reduce or eliminate the smell and effects of smoke.

Spoon Pipe

The most common type of glass pipe, they resemble a spoon.


A cylindrical pipe with an opening at each end and the bowl at the top.


A design feature of bongs

Straight Tube

A bong that does not have a rounded base.


Pure or hybrid varieties of Indica or Sativa. Often bred for specific characteristics, such as higher THC content.



Tetrahydrocannabinol is the main active ingredient in the herb that gets you high.


Rolled pieces of strong paper or bought filters placed at the base of joints to assist with rolling and to increase smoking pleasure. Also called Crutches.


Cannabis community Slang term for a butane torch. These are used for heating up a nail to smoke concentrates.


Fine outgrowths or appendages on cannabis plants. This gooey, sticky resin protects the plants from insects, animals, and the sun while it grows. They contain the THC that gets you high.


Herb leaves trimmed from the plant containing trichomes. Not to be confused with shake.


An attachment to your desktop vaporizer through which you breathe vapor. Also called a Whip


Vape Pen

A personal vaporizer shaped like a writing pen. They are usually concentrate vaporizers, as herb vaporizers require larger heat chambers.


Also shortened to “vapes”, these are pieces used for consuming herb. They use convection heat to turn the cannabinoids into vapor, which can is inhaled. They are considered by some to be a healthier alternative to combustion methods.


A general term for any Desktop vaporizer. The name comes from a widely successful brand of desktop vaporizer.


Water Chamber

The main chamber of a bong or bubbler. This is what holds the water and generally the main form of percolation.


A type of gravity bong made by cutting holes in the bottom of a large bottle. The holes are plugged, the bottle filled with water, then as the bowl is lit, the holes are unplugged. This fills the bottle with smoke, ready to take a hit.

Water Pipe

Simply another name for a bong. A device that uses water to cool down the smoke for a more pleasurable smoking experience.


This crumbly, coarse substance often looks like brown sugar and sometimes resembles earwax in color and consistency. See Also: Butter, Dabs, Live Resin, Oil, and Shatter.


An attachment to your desktop vaporizer through which you breathe vapor. Also called a Tube



A popular type of glass. The term originally referred to a type of bong with a “z” shaped mouthpiece.

Famous Numbers within the Cannabis Community


The three most common sizes of joints on bongs.


This refers to the date of April 20th. which was a famous holiday for the cannabis community. ’420’ now refers to anything herb friendly.


Refers to a newer holiday on July 10th. Known as “710 OIL Day” as 710 reads “OIL” upside down. This is in support of dabbing and the use of canna-oils and concentrates.

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