Mini Dabbing Rigs in 2024

I have often heard the phrase: big things come in small packages, and man they really weren't kidding. The same can be said for our mini dabbing rigs sold right here at Molino Glass! We have a fine selection of your favorite mini dabbing rigs that savor the flavor and hit just as hard, if not at times harder, than your average dab rig. That's right, we got a mean little selection all the way from the classic mini dabbing rigs like the “Piston Dabbing Rig” or the “Earth dab rigs, to the more uniquely designed “Baby Bottle” mini dabbing rig. With our selection of small dabbing rigs you are certain to find a piece that is uniquely you to add to your collection. The choice is yours—and truth be told you really can't go wrong with a good Molino Glass mini dabbing rig. But if you need help on deciding whether or not to go for a mini or an small dabbing rig, let’s clear the air on a few things.

Mini Dabbing Rigs - The Benefits

Little rig, big hits. Just because the dab rig is small doesn't necessarily mean that you will be getting tiny sized hits. In fact, having a much smaller space for air means much stronger suction resulting in a much larger hit than you would from an average piece. Take a look at our “Baby Bottle” dab rig for instance. Perfectly petite, sized almost perfectly for an infant and just as cute. Don’t get it twisted though, this uniquely shaped dab rig is not for children and it most certainly will not be used for drinking milk, at least not the milk you're thinking of that is. I’m talking creamy, thick hits from a beautiful miniature dab rig that packs a punch! The little surface area inside not only the baby bottle dab rig but also in all of our other great pieces allow the smoke to really pile up for a massively flavorful and especially pure hit. The compact design of our mini dabbing rigs are made to protect the flavor and potency of each dab you take so that you will always reach a satisfying, quality high and NEVER waste any of your prized concentrate. So remember, little rig, big hits!

Another upside to a mini dabbing rig is the cleanliness of the smoke. Every single one of our mini dabbing rigs come equipped with diffusers, some very classically comparable to a normal dab rig (aka the downstem diffuser) and some more uniquely shaped. For example, both our “Aqua” and “Terp Slurper” have a less straightforward look to them, which includes in each piece a circular percolator system in order to optimize flavor and smoothness of the smoke. With each bubble the dabs are filtered and purified through this unique style of diffusion before ever being inhaled into your lungs. You will be sure to notice the difference in flavor and overall smoking experience between smoking a normal dab rig in comparison to our mini dab rigs. Afterall, they were built to please.

If you’re an avid dabber or even if you’ve only ever had one hit before you know just how much goes into simply taking one dab. You need the torch or maybe an electric set up to heat your quartz banger, you’ll have to have your Steel dabbing tool, or a glass dabbing tool and last but not least you’re going to need your concentrate. Needless to say it’s at the very least a little bit more of a process than just loading a bowl of flower and puffing away. That is precisely why having a mini, very portable dab rig is an essential piece for every stoner on the go. It lightens the load without sacrificing any of the smoking experience. I would even go as far to say that it even heightens the experience of dabbing with a high output of clean, flavorful smoke. Whether you’re taking your favorite mini dabbing rig to a friend's house, the beach, to a party or out on an adventure it'll be sure to follow with ease. Lightweight and at a much smaller size you can simply stow away the piece in a bag and go with the flow to wherever life leads you. With a mini dab rig so small you’ll forget that it’s even there—especially if you’ve been smoking!

Looks like that phrase, “big things come in small packages,” is slowly but surely starting to sound like, “great things come in small packages,” ain’t it? You’d be right! Here at Molino Glass we’re sure to hook you up with a great new piece to add to your collection at an affordable, modest price, never sparing any of the quality of good glass. We even throw in an additional bowl for flower to experience the best of both worlds when you buy one of our mini dabbing rigs, and it doesn't get much better than that! Improve your dabbing game and make sure to pick up your brand new small dabbing rig for your next round of concentrates. As always, we here at Molino Glass wish you all happy dabbing!

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