What to know before buying your first glass pipe.

Glass weed pipes have been a key part of stoner and cannabis culture for many years now.

I mean what is not to love? These handy little old-school smoking devices come with a long list of benefits and are very cost-effective. You can bag yourself an awesomely designed weed pipe from Molino Glass for as little as $25. Unlike a Nintendo, for $25, you’ve got yourself hours of endless fun. If you ask me, it's weed pipes over Wario any day of the week!

But today’s topic is not to compare glass weed pipes and video games on the fun scale. Today we will look at what to know before buying your first glass pipe.

Benefits of glass weed pipes

The first thing you should ask yourself before forking out your hard-earned cash for any product is, what can this thing do for me? Glass weed pipes are no exception. To answer that question we are going to have to break out a list. While the glass pipe may be humble in size, its list of benefits is lengthy.

  • More flavorful Hits - It is no secret that cannabis is one tasty plant. Cannabis is jam-packed with terpenes, and it is thanks to these terpenes cannabis buds each have a different and unique flavour and aroma. If you are looking to get the tastiest hits then a glass weed pipe is a great option. Unlike metal or wooden weed pipes, glass pipes offer clean hits without any unwanted materials that may affect the taste. No metallic chemical flavours, just pure green goodness.
  • Discretion - Weed pipes in general aren’t the biggest devices going. While you may have to book an extra train ticket for your XL Super Bong, glass weed pipes can be tucked away in your backpack.
  • Tough little Cookies - Weed Pipes are hard to break - These discrete smoking devices are also as hardy as they come. Provided you get yourself a well-made glass weed pipe with high-quality glass it should last you a long time. Many smokers have had their favourite weed pipe for several years with no intention of parting ways with it any time soon.
  • Easy to Keep Clean - When it comes to cleaning glass weed pipes, it is a cakewalk. It is essential to make sure to keep your smoking device clean so you can enjoy a tasty smoke sess. Due to their small size glass weed pipes are notoriously easy to keep clean. This means with all this spare you save on cleaning you could be enjoying more stoned fun.

Material used?

However, when it comes to buying your first weed pipes, one of the most important things to consider is the materials used to make the pipe.

We have touched on this before but when it comes to what material is best for weed pipes, glass stands out as by far the best candidate. Premium brands will use either quartz, borosilicate or Pyrex glass when making glass weed pipes.

This is due to a multitude of reasons. Pyrex glass for example is extremely flame resistant and hard-wearing. Two qualities that are essential in high-quality glass weed pipes.

The thickness of the glass is another important factor to consider when buying a glass weed pipe. For regular smokers, it is essential to have a good thick glass weed pipe. The thicker the glass the stronger the pipe. A thick glassed pipe is not only sturdy but will last a long time too.


So if you are looking for smoking devices that are portable, easy to clean and offer deliciously clean hits then the glass weed pipe is without a doubt the smoking device for you.

There is a wide range of top-quality glass weed pipes on Molino glass right now. There is something for everyone as Molino glass offers a wide range of weed pipe designs and colours. So whether it is a sherlock, reverse spoon, hammer or regular glass weed pipe you want, Molino glass has got you covered. With discrete, fast and free US shipping on orders over $50. There is just one thing left to do. Put down that overpriced video game controller and get yourself a glass weed pipe on Molino Glass.

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