What type of mini dab rig is best for dabbing?

Cannabis can be enjoyed in a multitude of different ways. Some of us are simple folks who just want to roll up some weed and enjoy a chilled evening. Some of us love to fill our lungs up with clean bong hits of the green herb. And the more adventurous of us like to bake some potent pot sweet treats.

But those in the know will tell you the simplicity of a joint, purity of a bong rip and the potency of an edible can be achieved with one magical device. The mini dab rig! So let's take a more in-depth look at all the benefits of mini dab rigs as well as what type of mini dab rig is best for dabbing.

Why Choose a Mini Dab Rig?

A small dabbing rig offers all the goodness of a regular-sized rig but just on a handier and more compact scale. Mini dab rigs come with a Chris Jericho-sized list of benefits when compared to their larger counterparts.

  • Portability: Bigger isn’t always better. This is most certainly the case when it comes to the Mini Dabbing Rig. The smaller size of mini dab rigs make them perfect for quick lone smoke sessions or to bring along and enjoy with friends. The fact you can transport small dabbing rigs without any stress is a major reason why many choose mini dab rigs over bigger-sized ones.
  • Lower Price: The fact mini dab rigs are small means they use less glass to produce. This affects the price point hugely and makes mini dabbing rigs much cheaper overall. You can expect to get yourself a high-quality mini dabbing ring for as low as $59. For example, the Earth Mini Dab Rig from Molino Glass. This awesome little piece of glasswork comes with both a nail and a bowl just in case you aren’t ready to let go of the bong life just yet.
  • More Potent and Flavorful: We all love ourselves some tasty weed. Whether you are an old-school head who likes those strong diesel flavors or you prefer a more mild or fruity taste, there is nothing quite like some good-tasting smoke that gets you feeling nice. Wax is beloved in the cannabis community and is popular for its delicious flavors. Not only is dabbing from a mini dab rig a more flavorful smoke but extremely potent. Wax often has a THC content of over 90%. This means you need much less wax compared to herb to get you in the right state of mind.
  • Easier to Store and Clean: With mini dab rigs, the job of cleaning them is halved, literally. Thanks to their smaller size they are quick and easier to clean. This means you can spend less time with soap in the nail and more time with it jam-packed with tasty wax. A small dabbing rig’s miniature stature doesn’t just mean they are easier to clean but they are also easier to store. Thanks to mini dab rigs being, well, mini, they don’t take up so much space when compared to large dab rigs or bongs. This is also perfect as they are more discreet so you can enjoy your wax without arising suspicion in your guests.

What type of mini dab rig is best for dabbing?

Now you know all about the benefits of the mini dab rigs, let us get down to the reason we are all here today.

To be perfectly honest if it is the above benefits you are looking for then any quality-made mini dab rig should be perfect.

However, it is important to make sure the mini dab rig you are purchasing is made of quality materials. Try to avoid plastic or wooden dab rigs as you may inhale unwanted chemicals. Try to buy glass mini dab rigs, more specifically Pyrex glass as they can withstand high temperatures and are sturdy. All Molino Glasses mini bongs are made from top-quality Pyrex glass.

As we are now well aware mini dab rigs have many benefits due to their smaller size. Another huge pro with small dabbing rigs is that they are perfect for new dabbers. You don’t have to break the bank or put up a new press to get started with dabbing from a small dabbing rig.

As most small dab rigs come ready to go without the need for any extra part any mini dabbing rig from Molino Glass is perfect to get your dabbing journey started. Molino Glass offer a wide variety of mini dabbing rigs. With free US delivery on all orders over $50 you are guaranteed to get your mini dab rigs quickly and without any extra costs. Go now and enjoy all the flavour and potent effects that come with the dab life.

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