Why are Quartz bangers better?

With cannabis becoming legal both medically and recreationally in many different countries the ways we consume weed is ever changing and evolving. There are of course the classics like rolling your herb up in a joint or baking it into some sweet treats. However one lesser known method to casual smokers is dabbing.

How do you dab?

Dabbing is a much newer method of getting that hit of vitamin green. Dabbing for the uninitiated, involves dropping a dab of concentrated cannabis oil on a hot surface. The concentrate bubbles away leaving a vapor that can be smoked for a much quicker and more potent high. This concentrated cannabis oil, also known as wax or shatter, is made by using a chemical solvent to extract the essential oils from the plant. Depending on the extraction method and the skill of the extractor this sticky gold wax can contain 50%-95% THC. Yes, that is a lot more THCs than what you can expect from smoking the classic bud. Long ago hippies of the 60s would use two red hot knives and a piece of hash to achieve this effect but thanks to modern technology and mainly fine glasswork, today dabbing is done using a dab rig.

Is a Dab Rig the same as a Bong?

A dab rig is like a bong but also not like a bong. Let me explain. A dab rig is made up of a few different components.

  • Firstly you’ve got your water pipe. This is the piece that is most like a bong upon first glance. However a water pie is specially designed to vaporize concentrates and not flower like a bong. Water pipes are typically a little smaller than bongs and a little bigger than a bubbler. Let’s call them the intelligent middle child of the weed glasswork family.
  • Next is the banger. The banger is essential to any dab rig because this is where the concentrate will be heated up to a smokable vapor. The banger is a flat bottomed bowl that is perfect for loading up your wax to heat. They can come in a variety of materials like glass, titanium and my personal favourite, quartz.
  • Carb caps are a must for holding that vapor in place. A carb cap is placed on top of the banger in order to get the most vapor possible out of your dabbing sessions. A carb cap will not only hold your vapor in place but also hold all that flavor in place and allow the concentrate to vaporize a slightly lower temperature. Carb caps come in all kinds of fun and colorful designs. One of my personal favourite is the mushroom carb cap from Molino Glass.
  • In order to get the wax onto that hot surface without making your fingers sticky or worse burning them, you are going to need a dabbing tool. Dabbing tools are long metal or glass rods that work almost like a spoon to scoop out the perfect amount of wax.

The reason Quartz Bangers are better

Well now that you know all about the dabbing and dab rigs, that just leaves us with the most important question of them all for today. Why are quartz bangers better? Quartz bangers have a lot more advantages to their glass counterparts. Firstly, quartz bangers are much easier to clean than glass bangers. I mean you know how it is if you’ve ever cleaned a window. How do you get those streaks out? Well with quartz bangers you can leave that stress for house chores day. A top tip from experienced dabbers is to clean your quartz banger out with a q-tip after use. This will make it easy to get into all those hard to reach places. As you’ve probably guessed by now dabbing involves a lot of heat. Quartz bangers are not just perfect as they can withstand much higher temperatures but quartz bangers also heat up much quicker.

Glass bangers can take up to 30 seconds to heat up at times and after a long day waiting to smoke you don’t want to be waiting even 15 more seconds. As well as being able to handle the heat, quartz bangers are very hard to break. These sturdy, crystalline bangers are made from a material that is famed in the jewelry world for its physical strength so you know you’ve got the hulk of smoking tools when you are buying a quartz banger. And I don’t think any of us need explanation on how glass holds up under pressure. So avoid spending your high picking up glass pieces and get yourself a reliable quartz banger from Molino Glass. Another huge upside to quartz bangers is when they are heated up they release no chemicals. This means there are no weird tastes or flavors when you dab and you can enjoy your dabbing experience without worrying about inhaling any unwanted chemicals. As we learned earlier carb caps can also help with holding those delicious flavors. So you can be certain the combination of a quartz banger and a carb cap is sure to give you the most out of every dabbing session.

Overall I think it is hard to argue that quartz bangers are the superior banger for your dab rig set up. Molino glass knows this better than anyone else and has plenty of quartz bangers in stock right now. Be sure to check them out for all your dabbing needs.

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