Vertical Adapter with 2 cones

Vertical Adapter.

Replace the bowl of your bong with this adapter and add a Quartz Banger of your choice. Ready to enjoy precious herbal concentrates!


  • Pyrex Glass
  • Length: 7 cm
  • Available as  Cone 14.5/Cone 14.5 mm and  Cone 18.8/Cone 14.5 mm

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Vertical Adapter with 2 cones

Calling all concentrate lovers! Replace the bowl of any of our bongs with this smart adapter and add the Quartz Banger of your choice. Be instantly ready to enjoy favorite herbal concentrates!

At just 7 cm long it comes in 14.5 mm to 14.5 mm and 18.8 mm to 14.5 mm sizes.

Molino Glass Bongs – Functionality meets Style

Even with such small items as this, the Molino promise of quality stays just the same. We use the same top-grade Pyrex as with our top of the range glass bongs.

The Vertical Adapter with 2 cones is a really great addition to your bong collection. Turn your bong into an oil rig, instantly.


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