Colorful Bongs

Vivid Colors to show off your personality

Molino’s Colorful Bongs feature a special hard-wearing coating that our in-house development team created in 2012; they also feature a unique ‘negative engraving’ technique which can only be found on Molino Bongs.

These colored coatings use special pigments made in the US.

The pigments are lab-tested for quality and are completely organic, food safe and even dishwasher safe!

Inspired by famous weed strains, our Colorful Bongs come in two styles, Cylinders for smoking your favorite weed strain and Stemless which can be paired with a Quartz Banger for dabbing.

Will you choose based on the name of your favorite strain? Or will you choose the color that reflects your personality?

Molino Coated Bongs all get FREE Shipping! and you can choose optional Two Years of Bong Insurance.

Do you like to Dab?

These Stemless Bongs come with a Bowl but you can add a Quartz Banger at Checkout and use them for flower or dabs!

Useful information about Colorful Bongs

Everyone likes a bit of color in their life, color helps to show your personality so why not choose a bong that isn’t just clear glass. A colored bong will also be a great conversation piece.

Our colored bongs are made with organic pigments using a technique we developed to give our colored bongs a vivid and hard wearing finish.

Our colored bongs come in many bright colors. Our most popular colorful bongs are the the Gold ‘Gucci inspired’ Bong, the Pink ‘LV inspired’ Bong and our Silver ‘Chanel inspired’ Bong. We also have Blue Bongs, Purple Bongs, Black and White Bongs and other colors.

Our colorful bongs use food safe organic pigments.

Also the color is only on the outside, so the smoke never comes in contact with the colored coating.

Smoking from one of our colorful bongs is therefore no different than if you were using a plain glass bong.

The coating we use for our colored bongs is hard wearing and will last for many years if you take care of it. The color is only on the outside of the bong, so it won’t get really dirty, however it may collect fingerprint and dirt from being handled during your smoke sessions. You should clean the outside with a soft damp cloth. Do not use abrasive pads or any chemical based cleaners as these can damage the colored coating. For the inside of your bong you should use Molino Organic Glass Cleaner.

We offer a bong insurance policy on any bong we sell over $99.00. If you accidentally break your Molino Glass Bong within one year of purchase, we will sell you a replacement for only 50% of the replacement retail price.