Mini Oil Rig 9


Mini oil glass bong for dabbing concentrates. Great for parties. Convenient small size, easy to carry and disposable glass bong.  A very affordable and highly effective glass bong.


  • Pyrex Glass
  • Oil Rig
  • Height: 11 cm
  • Joint Size: 10 mm
  • Downstem with Socket 10.0 mm (PBA-1016) – Length 6 cm

Accessories – These are included when you buy this Product

Hand blown by Molino Glass!

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Accessories – These are included when you buy this Product


Mini Oil Rig No:9

Molino Glass Bongs have designed and made a superb range of Mini Oil Rigs for our customers to enjoy. These inexpensive stylish little bongs are affordable to all and are incredibly portable. Slip one in your pocket and take it wherever you want.

Number 9 in our mini oil rig series is a funky looking little donut-shaped item. It is great for dabbing concentrates. It comes complete with a 6cm downstem and a quartz banger.

The Molino logo is engraved on the top of the donut-shaped bowl. It is created as always using our super strong, high-grade Pyrex Glass. It is just 11cm in height. We know that you will love sharing with your friends, anywhere you take it.

The Mini Oil Rig Number 9,  available now from Molino Glass Bongs.

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