Double Twister Glass Percolator Bong


This Product has been Discontinued.

Double Twister percolator diffusers provide amazing filtration effects and will bring out the best of your herbs.

Triple chamber bong, great beaker and splash guard.


  • 5 mm Heavy Wall Pyrex Glass
  • Height: 57 cm
  • Diameter: 50 mm
  • Joint Size: 18.8 mm
  • Splash Guard
  • Triple Chamber System – Great Filtration!
  • Solid & Stable Beaker Base
  • Adapter Diffuser 18.8/14.5 (PBA-1013) – Length 12 cm
  • Round Cup – Joint Size 14.5 mm

Accessories – These are included when you buy this Product


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This Product has been Discontinued.

Double Twister Glass Percolator Bong 

This is an absolute stunner. Standing at a magnificent 57cm in height. This majestic Double Twister Glass Percolator Bong is a masterpiece of design and glasswork. Offering the very highest level of filtration, it is just about unbeatable. This will bring out all the best qualities in your herb.

Crafted in 5mm Pyrex Glass it is a serious piece for serious lovers of glass bongs. It has a triple chamber system and a hefty sized beaker at the base. The two twister percolators slow the smoke down magnificently ensure it spends as long as possible in the cooling filtering water.

The beaker is fitted with a 12 cm long Adapter Diffuser with joint sizes of either 14.5mm or 18.8mm. It has a splash guard and the Molino logo boldly engraved down the neck. Watching the bubbles in this beauty will have almost as much effect as the smoke itself.

Technology Meets Design Expertise

Here at Molino Glass Bongs we have spent two decades perfecting these amazing bongs. The perfect marriage of our design team’s imagination and our glassworkers’ expertise produces astonishing products. They not only look incredible they perform better than any on the market. We are rightly proud of our brilliant staff.

We have been fine-tuning the technology that goes into the Double Twister Percolator Bong for all this time. Using the best grade Pyrex glass we now feel that we have a winning formula. The comments from our satisfied customers speak for themselves.

Pyrex is super easy to keep clean and looks really cool. The Molino Glass Bongs are among the very best available, anywhere. Pyrex Glass has remained our preferred material for a long time. It is amazingly resistant to heat and quite simply, looks better than anything else!

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