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Girly Bongs

Smoking flowers isn’t just for boys. We’ve come a long way, baby! Girly bongs are here to stay. Every woman deserves to smoke in a way that makes her happy.  So we have created a range of colored bongs that are sure to delight any style conscious stoner.

A bong doesn’t have to be solely functional, fashion bongs get you just as high. There’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to smoke in style.

We’ve got designer bongs inspired by famous designer brands to match all your favorite accessories. 

The ‘Inspired by Gucci Bong’ is our most popular in this line, followed closely by the ‘Inspired by Chanel Bong’ and the ‘Inspired by Louis Vuitton Bong’. All of our fashion bongs in the designer line come with ice notches and a matching diamond faceted bowl.

Best Selling Girly Designer Bongs

Colorful Girly Bongs

Everything is better in color, including toking up. It’s why our line of cute bongs for girls offers a range of colors. No matter what vibe you’re going for, you can get a girly water pipe to match your aura.

All of our colorful bongs are made of 7mm thick scientific glass. They each feature a negative engraved transparent logo, so you can watch the smoke filling the chamber as you take your hit.

Best Selling Colored Bongs

Stemless Girly Bongs

These are just like our other colorful bongs, only stemless. These are also made of 7mm scientific glass, they’ve got the same badass reversed engraved logo, the design of the bong is just slightly different. 

Some smokers prefer a stemless girly bong because they’re a bit easier to hold, and slightly easier to clean. However, because they have no downstem, it also means you can’t accessorize it with things like a downstem diffuser or an ash catcher.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with these cute bongs

Check out all our colorful stemless bongs below!

Best Selling Stemless Girly Bongs