Goldfinger V1


This Product has been Discontinued.

Licensed to bake the Goldfinger V1 glass beaker bong by Molino Glass.


  • 7 mm Heavy Wall Pyrex Glass
  • Height: 45 cm
  • Diameter: 50 mm
  • Joint Size: 18.8 mm
  • Ice Notches
  • Adapter Diffuser 18.8/14.5 (PBA-1013)
  • Round Cup – Joint Size 14.5 mm

Accessories – included if you purchased this Beaker Bong

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This Product has been Discontinued.

Goldfinger V1

The name’s Bong, Goldfinger V1 Beaker Bong, licensed to bake!. It doesn’t come from Russia with Love, but it does come from Molino with Love! This classic straightforward beaker bong will have you shaken AND stirred, in no time.

The craftsmen and women at Molino have a Goldeneye for perfection. The craftsmanship on this creates a Spectre that will see the Skyfall for your envious friends. They will never say never again!

Constructed in our secret formula 7 mm thick golden Pyrex glass, the Goldfinger V1 stands at 45 cm high and has a diameter of 50mm. The golden engraved logo and the nice beaker shape makes it look exceptional and unique. It deserves the name Goldfinger, and it’s one of the most popular Molino Glass bong series.

It has ice notches and an adapter diffuser. You are guaranteed a smooth cool smoking experience.

A real Winner from Molino Glass Bongs

The Goldfinger V1 Beaker Bong is perfectly crafted and delivers both in appearance and efficiency. The classic Molino style is well in evidence here. The gold engraving on the Pyrex glass looks stunning and this will grace any coffee table.

Twenty years of experience has enabled us to experiment with design concepts. We are confident in our basic structures, knowing that they create the perfect delivery system for whatever herb is your favorite. So starting with our basic designs, we can create stylish glass bongs to suit your mood.

The Goldfinger Glass Bong is a tall, handsome guy standing 45 cm tall from to it’s 50 mm mouthpiece. The negative engraving of the Molino Glass Bongs logo is something of a trademark for the elegance and style of all our products. The 10 cm adapter diffuser and small round cup complete the job.

The World might not be Enough, but your Goldfinger V1 Beaker Bong will be.


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