Classic Cylinder Bong – Red


Classic Cylinder Bong, beautifully colored, hand engraved Molino Glass logo. Stable mouthpiece and base, comes with ice notches.


9 mm Heavy Wall Pyrex Glass
Height: 40 cm
Diameter: 50 mm
Socket Size: 18.8 mm
Ice Notches
Hand Engraved Colored Molino Logo

3 in stock (can be backordered)

Molino Bong Care

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Classic Cylinder Bong – Red

Molino Glass Bongs have created the Classic Cylinder Bong range which features some of the strongest bongs around. They are constructed from an extra thick 9mm pyrex. The Red, like the others, stands at 40cm tall. With the Molino logo engraved down the neck in a striking red color. It is completed with ice notches for that extra cooling effect. This bong is a big hitter.

The Red Classic Cylinder Bong an extra sturdy piece and comes with an 18.8 mm socket size. It has a large 50mm diameter and holds a lot of smoke. Also available in Blue and Pink

The Usual Molino Glass Bongs’ High Quality

As usual with Molino quality glass bongs, they are created by supremely talented glassworkers. We adhere to high standards of quality control. All our bongs are expertly inspected before being despatched from our factory. Molino Glass Bongs prides itself on excellent production values. They remain the highest around. All our employees constantly strive to ensure complete customer satisfaction, regardless of which items you purchase.

We only ever use the best Pyrex from which to create this terrific range of beautiful glass bongs. Pyrex is a truly great substance for glass bongs, it is entirely suited to their manufacture. It’s resistant to heat, very strong, crystal clear, and extremely easy to clean.

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