Beaker Bongs

Molino Glass is one of the original bong manufacturers in the USA. Selling the best beaker bongs direct to customers for two decades. Launching our online headshop in 2001. We have a large selection of beaker bongs in stock that are ready to ship on demand. Every bong we sell is crafted to the highest level of quality.

Every process is to make sure our customers receive the most amazing beaker bongs available on the market. Molino Glass HQ works around the clock, from design, product development to packing and shipping. We have thousands of happy customers around the world.

Showing all 12 results

Showing all 12 results

Molino Glass Style

Molino glass hand-crafted premium glass beaker bongs are extremely durable. In contrast, our super-thick glass is manufactured not only to last but to give the feeling of luxury and quality. 

Our beaker base bongs are one of the most popular products available on our website. They come in multiple sizes and shapes. 18-inch (almost) is our tallest bong we manufacture. We also sell a full range of small beaker bongs to compliment the tall beaker bongs (8-inch beaker bong).

Erlenmeyer Flask Bong

Beaker bongs are modeled after the Erlenmeyer flask; this clear glass bong or beaker shaped bong helps give the beaker a more smooth hit when smoking. They do that by increasing the volume of water they hold. Massively improving the filter of the water.


The beaker bong is a progression from the original bong created by men a long time ago. In 2013, Russian archeologists excavated bongs used by Scythian tribal chiefs thousands of years ago, who were smoking cannabis and tobacco for social gatherings and medical purposes. Sound familiar? We think so at Molino Glass HQ!

Did you know? The word bong is actually from the Thai language. Meaning a cylindrical wooden tube or pipe cut from bamboo that is used for smoking. Be careful shouting that in the streets of Bangkok, though, the law is still rather ‘smokey’ there; excuse the pun!

Beaker Bongs For Sale

Searching for beaker bongs for sale? No problem! Here at Molino Glass, we have your back. Our amazing range of beaker bongs is one of the most popular products we stock. And because you’re dealing direct with the manufacturer, we can also supply you with a premium bong at the best possible price. 

Don’t accept bongs that easily break or don’t even work properly. And always look out for bongs on our sales page; we are always updating our special offers and discounts.

Tall beaker bongs? Large beaker bongs? Small beaker bongs? We don’t just stock them; we specialize in them. Take a look around our online store, and if you need any assistance, please email us, and a member of our team will help you.