Mini Bongs

Molino Glass has been manufacturing mini bongs and small bongs for nearly two decades. Producing some of the best mini glass bongs to hit the USA and the world since they launched their online store in 2001.

Our online mini water bong section is something we pride ourselves upon. Every mini glass bong we sell is crafted to the highest level of quality. We use each process to supply our customers that they will receive the best product available on the market. Something we have perfected over time and thousands of happy customers.   

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Showing all 13 results

Small Bongs – History

The small bong is certainly not a new contraption. In 2013, Russian archeologists excavated various small bongs used by Scythian tribal chiefs thousands of years ago, who were smoking cannabis and tobacco for social gatherings and medical purposes. Sound familiar? We think so at Molino Glass HQ!

Did you know? The word bong is actually from the Thai language. Meaning a cylindrical wooden tube or pipe cut from bamboo that is used for smoking. Be careful shouting that in the streets of Bangkok, though, the law is still rather ‘smokey’ there; excuse the pun!  

Buy Mini Bongs Online

Are you looking to buy cute mini bongs? Mini rasta bongs? Mini water bongs? Mini bong gift sets? Mini bongs are amazing to stash away in a bag or purse, making them extremely portable. Worried about the rip? Loss of suction? Well, don’t be. They still pack the punch of our full-size bongs and hit the spot every time.

Our Instagram account showcases many of our mini glass bongs in our daily story updates. Feel free to follow and to get involved, tag us in your posts and well be sure to share with our fans.

We have them all in our exclusive range and at the best online price! Any questions, please get in touch and a member of staff will provide you with all the answers you need. 

Mini Water Bongs

In the 16th Century, Chinese merchants introduced a water pipe to bongs transported along the silk road with tobacco and other goods. Transforming small bongs into the first-ever cool mini bongs for sale to the general public.

Fast-forward a few centuries, and we have taken over the reins, supplying the world with our very own mini water bongs. Are we doing a successful job? We love to hear from our customers, or if you are new to our online bong store, please check out the mini bong reviews. 

Cheap Mini Bongs For Sale

Looking for cheap mini bongs on a budget? No problem! Here at Molino Glass, we have your back. Our wide range of cheap mini bongs is one of the most popular products we stock. Because you’re dealing direct with the manufacturer, we can also supply you with a premium mini glass bong at the best possible price. Don’t accept cheap mini bongs that easily break or don’t even work properly. And always look out for cheap mini bongs in our sales section, which we regularly run and competitions.