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Showing all 13 results

Mini Bongs are perfect for those times when you want just a small hit or you want to take your bong out with you. Mini bongs are easier to conceal and they are cheaper than big bongs so you don't need to worry quite so much about losing or breaking one. Despite their small size mini bongs work just as well as their bigger brothers.


Although they are much smaller than than a standard glass bong a mini bong can still deliver great hits in a small package. Typically a mini bong will be less than 6 inches tall. Although mini bongs are small, a mini bong should still provide good smoke filtration like a full sized bong but in a size that’s easy to bring with you anywhere.

PORTABLE MINI BONGS – These can easily carried in a bag, purse or back pack and taken to your friends’ homes, out on a hike, perhaps to a concerts or the drive-in Basically you can take a mini bong pretty much anywhere.

AFFORDABLE MINI BONGS – Because of their smaller size a mini bong is a more affordable option.

GOOD HITS FROM THE MINI BONG – A mini bong might be small, but it is still a water pipe and the smoke filtration will deliver a smoother rips than a glass pipe or a joints, without compromising on convenience.