Baby Bottle Mini Bong

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Molino Baby Bottle Bong. Handy mini bong which fits every pocket. Great for parties. It does its job like it’s big brothers!


  • Pyrex Glass
  • Height: 15 cm
  • Base Diameter: 6 cm
  • Joint Size: 10 mm

Accessories – included when you buy this Baby Bottle Bong

  • Round cup with 10 mm joint

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Baby Bottle Bong

This Baby Bottle Mini Bong is a great little fun item. Your friends will love it. At just 15 cm overall in height it will slip into your pocket. You’ll be a hit at every party! It comes complete with a 7 cm long Chillum cup, meaning that this little baby punches well above its weight.

Hand crafted from our usual high quality of Pyrex Glass, it has a carb hole as well. This is a very popular little party bong from the Molino collection. What are you waiting for? It’s party time, time to hit the bottle.

Molino Glass Bongs Quality Guaranteed

As with all the Molino range the Baby Bottle Bong is made with the same attention to detail. All our products are thoroughly checked before leaving our factory. Production values remain at the very highest. Molino ensures that whatever product you choose, you won’t be disappointed. Our experts use the highest grade of Pyrex glass to produce beautiful pieces of glassware.

Pyrex really is the ideal substance for these Baby Bottle Bongs. It’s clear, exceptionally strong, heat resistant and easy to clean. This is a great little, fun party bong.


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