Kush Master Party Bong

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Molino Glass brings you amazing quality at a very affordable price. A great glass bong for parties when you don’t want to risk damaging your precious heavy duty pieces.


  • 4 mm Pyrex Glass
  • Height: 21 cm
  • Diameter: 38 mm
  • Joint Size: 14.5 mm
  • With Carb Hole
  • Chillum/Cup Round 14.5 (PBA-1001-R) – Lenght 8 cm

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Kush Master Party Bong 

The Kush Master Party Bong is a great little 21cm tall glass bong. With a 38mm diameter, and a 14.5mm joint, it also comes with a carb hole and a chillum round cup. Manufactured in 4mm thick Pyrex Glass it is a strong little piece, ideal for carrying to parties. Why risk your more expensive items; at this price it’s not worth the risk.

What’s in the name?

The Kush Master Party Bong gets its name from the famous Indica cross weed, Master Kush. This popular strain comes from two different areas of the Hindu Kush region. The plant is known for its subtle earthy, citrus smell, that carries with it a hint of incense. It is claimed that the strain has an excellent balance of effects. It will relax without numbing the mind. In addition, Master Kush sharpens the senses and focusses the mind.

Molino Glass Bongs’ Usual Quality

Molino Glass Bongs employ the same production values and attention to detail on all our products. Everything is thoroughly checked by quality control before leaving the workshop. From the cheapest item to the most expensive scientific bong, everything receives the same care and attention.

This is a great little party bong,  representing astonishing value for money.

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The Kush Master Party Bong
Kush Master Party Bong
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