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Percolator Bongs – What is Percolation?

Percolation is the scientific name for the process by which a fluid is filtered through a porous material. In a bong this porous material is glass with tiny holes or small slits. When you force the smoke in your bong to pass through these small holes or slits it creates a lot of tiny bubbles and this greatly increases how much contact the smoke makes with the water. This lets your bong water filter and cool the smoke a lot more effectively.
So the percolator in a percolator bong is designed to break up the smoke, wrap it into little bubbles the the water in your bong will cool the smoke and filter out any nasty little bits of ash and tar that you don’t want getting into your lungs.

Percolator Bongs really improve the quality of your hits

A percolator in your bong will really make the bong hits better.  The percolator helps the bong perform its main functions, filtration of the smoke and cooling of the smoke, in a more efficient way.

Percolator bongs are not just clever at cooling and filtering the smoke, they can also be really nice to look at.  A large bong with a selection of different chambers and different percolators is a work of art in itself, even just sitting on the shelf.  When you actually use your percolator bong and see the bubbles being formed and the smoke going through the different parts of the percolator bong, it can be quite a cool show!


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