02-V1 Glass Percolator Bong

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Heavy wall Pyrex glass  percolator,  providing excellent filtration and cooling, with ice notches.  Easy to clean and  great value for.


  • 5 mm Heavy Wall Pyrex Glass
  • Height:  40 cm
  • Diameter: 50 mm
  • Joint Size: 18.8 mm
  • 4 Arm Percolator
  • Ice Notches
  • Double Chamber System, Great Filtration
  • Adapter Diffuser 18.8/14.5 (PBA-1013) – Length 10 cm
  • Round Cup – Joint Size 14.5

Accessories – These are included when you buy this Product

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O2-V1 Glass Percolator Bong

Version 1 of our classic Glass Percolator Bong has sold steadily and in large numbers since its introduction. A solid chunky structure to protect the wonderful 4-arm single percolator system, it stands at 40cm high. An excellent choice for those wanting a substantial bong that cools, is easy to clean and does the job perfectly.

The heavy Pyrex glass is both strong and resistant to heat. This is a no nonsense approach to glass bongs and, not surprisingly, has proved extremely successful. The wide 50mm mouthpiece provides the perfect hit every time.

Molino Glass Bongs’ double chamber filtration system has proved to be a real winner in providing excellent cooling,  especially when working in combination with the ice notches. The adapter diffuser and round cup complete the package superbly well.

Molino Glass; Durable Clarity

Our 5mm thick Pyrex is just the right product to provide a crystal clear appearance coupled with the strength and durability needed. The percolator system is well protected by the stability of the walls.

We realised a long time ago that getting the balance right, between form and functionality was of paramount importance. Our expert glassblowers have years of experience and create glass bongs that are works of art. Quality control ensures any flawed pieces are removed; only the best will do.

All separate parts,  like the adapter diffuser and round cup are, of course, available as spares. This will ensure years of use for you and your friends.

The Advantages of Percolator Bongs

The most obvious advantage in using a Glass Percolator Bong is the cooling effect. We’ve all done it, that huge hit, followed by the rasping cough as the heated herb bites into your throat. With a percolator, the cooling effect of the smoke bubbling through water and rolling over the ice, removes the heat significantly.

Additionally these types of bong have additional filtration qualities. Any impurities in the herb, are left behind in the water as it bubbles through. The percolator is easily removed and cleaned after use. This makes it ready to go at all times. This cooling and filtration allows the smoker to take bigger hits.

There is no doubt about it,  there are many perks to using percs!


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