Reactor V2 – Bubbler Bong


Reactor V2 stemless glass bubbler percolator bong by Molino Glass. Amazing filtration effect and lots of bubbles.


  • 5 mm Pyrex Glass
  • Height: 22 cm
  • Joint Size: 14.5 mm (stemless)
  • Stemless System
  • 10-Leg Percolator Diffuser
  • Round Cup – Joint Size 14.5 mm

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Great craftsmanship, made with passion and dedication – built to last!

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Stemless Bubbler Bong with Percolator

The Reactor V2 from Molino Glass Bongs is a stemless glass bubbler percolator bong. It is made from our usual thick and heavy 5mm Pyrex glass. This little baby has a 10-leg percolator diffuser for extra bubbles. The strong base and a 14.5 bowl provide Molino’s trademark strength and stability. Added to the high bubble rate is an amazing filtration effect.

This little bubbler percolator bong stands at a mere 22cm but packs a real punch. A 14.5mm stemless joint and round cup add functionality in abundance.

Proven Pyrex Glass Technology and Great Design

Don’t let the small size fool you. Take a full hit from this and you stay hit. The technology here make this bubbler punch way above its weight. It’s ultra strong,being constructed in our trademark 5mm Pyrex. Not just a hard little chap, the Reactor will withstand all the heat that you throw at it.

We are confident that this product will give you years of faithful service. Like all products from Molino Glass Bongs, the Reactor V2 is made to last.

The Reactor V2

Good things come in small packages!

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The origin of the Bong

The original and still the most commonly used term for all smoking pipes. They are also called water pipes, bings,  billies and moofs. Similar in construction top the Hookah pipes they are generally smaller and more portable. Materials used are anything that is water and air- tight and include a stem that steers the smoke through the water enabling it to bubble through and cool. The word actually originated in Thailand and is an adaptation of their word baung which refers to a wooden or bamboo smoking pipe.

This is by means nothing new; water-pipes having appeared in China in the 16th Century.

There are many different types of bongs for you to enjoy your favorite herb. These include:

  • Glass Bongs
  • Glass Percolator Bongs
  • Bubbler Bongs
  • Cylinder Bongs
  • Beaker Bongs

Glass Bongs

Glass provides the best substance for the construction of bongs. It is totally air and water tight and extremely easy to clean. When used by expert glass blowers such as those employed by Molino Glass Bongs the results can be both perfectly functional and extremely aesthetically pleasing in their appearance. Over the years our artisans have perfected the used of Pyrex glass which is beautiful in its appearance, strong and heat resistant.

Glass Percolator Bongs

The addition of a percolator in the system makes the bubbles’ journey through the water a longer one. In addition it breaks the bubbles up and makes them smaller. This has an additional . cooling effect on the smoke. The Reactor benefits significantly from the additional of a percolator.

Bubbler Bongs

Bubblers are small and very portable, making them much sort after by many in the smoking communities. Size does . not inhibit the hit that is available, if they are constructed efficiently. The Reactor packs quite a punch for its size and is a great example of what can be achieved being a bubbler percolator bong.

Cylinder Bongs

Cylinder bongs are generally larger,  standing 40 or 50 cm in height. The size of the cylinder means that a huge amount of smoke can be inhaled in one hit. They are very popular with smokers as they offer an aesthetic sharing experience. Passing a cylinder round harks back to peace pipes of old.

Beaker Bongs

A beaker bong is almost a combination of a cylinder and a bubbler. It’s effectively a cylinder bong with a scientific style beaker on the bottom. They offer superb stability and work extremely well.

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    Airflow is supreme, just two weeks in and enjoying it. Like how the neck bends over and the bowl is straight. Smoke doesnt get in your eye and when lighting the bong the flame is away from your face.

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