Mephisto V3 Stemless Bong

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Stemless bent glass bong with an amazing screen diffuser and a highly efficient shower head percolator diffuser.


  • 5 mm Pyrex Glass
  • Height: 40 cm
  • Diameter: 50 mm
  • Joint Size: 14.5 mm
  • Ice Notches
  • Double Chamber System, Great Filtration

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Mephisto V3 Stemless Bong

This is a little cracker was inspired by the fictional character that cropped up in the Marvel Comics’ Silver Surfer TV series. That in turn was based on the character of Mephistopheles, from the stories of Faust. In the Marvel comics Mephisto captures the soul of Cynthia Van Doom and this little baby will capture yours.

Mephisto here, is a 40 cm demon Pyrex glass stemless bong that will carry you off to wherever you want to go. The angled bong cylinder is stylish and effective. With a Highly efficient shower head percolator diffuser,  you’ll be in bubble heaven. It has a double wall screen cup to protect your fingers from the heat.

Proven Pyrex Glass Technology from Molino Glass Bongs

At 50mm the diameter provides a lot of stability and the ice notches enable a really cool smoke. Once again the Molino Glass Bongs double chamber system means that our Mephisto Stemless Bong will become a firm favorite in your collection.

Doctor Strange and Doom fought for Cynthia’s soul,  but you’ll need nothing more than this beauty to save your soul and free it. We can’t promise you the magical powers that he has in the Marvel series, but we can promise you a truly magical experience.

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