Inline Percolator Pipe with removable 18.8 Cup


Very effective inline percolator diffuser pipe with removable 18.8 mm cup. Great filtration performance, hits like a percolator bong. Easy to carry around.


  • 4 mm Pyrex Glass
  • Height: 14 cm
  • Joint Size: 18.8 mm
  • Inline Percolator Diffuser
  • Stands stable

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Inline Percolator Pipe with removable 18.8 Cup

This is a super little product. A very effective diffuser, inline percolator pipe with a removable 18.8 mm cup. It offers great filtration performance, and hits like a percolator bong, despite being only 14cm in height.

It’s manufactured in strong 4mm pyrex glass and has excellent stability. Our glass workers really outdid themselves with this one. The filtration is amazing and from a product that will fit in your pocket or bag. It’s a great little pipe for party use.

The removable cup makes cleaning very easy.

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