9 Cannabis Smoking Essentials

1: A Bong

Nothing beats a bong. It delivers those super cool clean hits time after time and is one of the absolute essential tools for anyone who ever smokes weed in a social setting. Passing a bong between friends is a great way of getting high while cementing friendships. 

Bongs also present you with the greatest choice of kit. Everything from simple glass bongs, to percolators to complicated scientific pieces. A bong has to be number one among Cannabis Smoking Essentials.

2: A lighter

It might seem obvious, but it is amazing how often smokers settle down for a little smoke only to realize that they have no fire in their pocket or purse. A reliable lighter will be one of the cheapest tools you will ever buy.

3: A Grinder

Grinders are the best tool for breaking apart buds. Using a grinder will ensure that you get an even, solid burn whatever method of smoking you use. Secondly, they enable you to evenly heat as many trichomes as possible, extracting the maximum from the plant material. Grinders enable you to grind the cannabis to your favored consistency. For bong users, it is better to leave the buds a little coarser to prevent it from entering the pipe and giving too harsh a hit.

4: Storage

Number 4 among our cannabis smoking essentials is simply, storage. It is absolutely imperative that you store your cannabis in an appropriate container. Keeping your weed at the desired humidity will ensure maximum flavor and longevity for your buds. A simple weed box is fine for short term storage but if you intend holding on to it for more than a few hours you will require an airtight container. For fresh newly harvested cannabis almost all experts recommend glass as the best material. The more expensive ones will be UV resistant. 

5: Rolling Papers

Even if you are not a regular smoker of spliffs, carrying papers in case the mood takes you is an absolute must. Molino recommends RAW papers which we feel are the best on the market. Rover the years, RAW Natural Rolling Papers have developed a cult following around the world. These pure, unprocessed rolling papers, are unlike anything that you have ever used or probably even seen before. The paper is natural brown in color and almost translucent, as they have not been bleached; so thin that you can see right through them.

If you have no expertise at rolling your own we would certainly recommend LEAF pre-rolled cones as a superb alternative. They take the effort out of rolling and are available in a 4 pack as well as 50s and 100s.

6: Dabbing Tools

These tools are cannabis smoking essentials if concentrates are your thing.

A) Stainless Steel Dabber

Everyone likes to dab from time to time and the Molino Stainless Steel Dabber is so neat and small, it’s simply too good not to have. At just 11 cm long, it’s small enough to slip into any pocket so you can carry it with you wherever you go. Use it in conjunction with any one of Molino’s fantastic dab rigs.

B) Quartz Banger

The quartz banger is an add on that turns your bong into a dab rig. Also called dab nails, they deliver heat to the concentrate, converting it to a vapor. The Molino version is made from outstanding quality quartz, super heat resistant, which enables you to get the best out of your concentrate.

C) Carb Cap

The Molino scientific saucer carb cap is manufactured in high-quality quartz. It is basically just a lid that fits over domeless bangers to create a chamber for vaporizing concentrates. It fits on most quartz bangers

7: Cigarette Holder with Extendable Clip

These neat slender, extendable holders with a small clip at the end are absolutely essential for getting to the very end of your joint. How many times have we all burnt our fingers trying to extract that last trace of blow out of a spliff? Well no more. Carry one of these with you and you’ll be everyone’s friend. 

8: Eye drops

From time to time, those tears you cannot hide as smoke gets in your eyes. It’s just a matter of fact. Make sure your bathroom cabinet has a bottle of a good proprietary brand eye drops. It sounds crazy but you will never regret it. 

9: Glass Cleaner

Always look after your bong and it lasts a lifetime. However, why not look after the planet at the same time. Molino Organic Glass Cleaner is available in 100 ml or 250 ml sizes. It is the best product to clean your glassware. Mix one part solution with 10 parts water for the perfect cleaning solution. Just soak your glassware in the mixture and it will emerge in spotless condition. Hard water and grease spots will be eradicated. 100% organic and biodegradable.

Summary: These Cannabis Smoking Essentials Make Life Easier

There is no doubt about it, but your smoking experience will be enhanced hugely by you owning these items. The beauty of smoking cannabis is that you can start small and grow as your experience grows. You can spend as little or as much as you like, but these cannabis smoking essentials will certainly make life more entertaining and easier for the dedicated user. 

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