Best Bongs : Glass or Silicone

The best bongs are generally made from either glass or silicone. Other materials such as wood are employed from time to time but for the sake of this article, there are only two substances. 

When it comes to bong manufacture, glass is certainly king and has been for over 4 decades. Ever since the hippies arrived in the late 60s, the glass bong has grown in complexity, artistry and sheer numbers. As we wrote in our history of glass bongs, (link 1 needed) when Bob Snodgrass started developing glassmaking techniques in the 70s and 80s whilst on tour with the Grateful Dead, things really got moving. Borosilicate Glass was patented as Pyrex. 

As techniques improved around the globe the potential for glass as the perfect material for bong manufacture became more and more apparent. Here at Molino, we have worked for over 20 years to perfect our borosilicate glass. Our patented color systems produce incredibly deep rich colored glass, that is extremely popular among our customers. 

Advantages of Glass Bongs

The best bongs when it comes to glass, are intricate in their design and produce superb smoking experiences. The popularity of glass is down to several reasons. Glass is popular for several reasons. 

The main advantage is one that is often not apparent to the casual user. Glass is utterly inert and doesn’t impart any unwanted flavors or undesirable chemicals to your cannabis. In fact, on this point, it is just about unbeatable. It is extremely easy to keep clean which in turn means even less chance of impurities spoiling your enjoyment. 

Borosilicate glass is also incredibly heat resistant. It was originally intended for laboratory use. With this in mind it was manufactured to not only withstand very high temperatures but to withstand heat shock; the sudden change from cool to hot and vice versa. 

Another area where glass comes out on top is in terms of accessories. Because it has been the material of choice for so long, accessories for your glass bongs will always be easy to find. Starting off with a basic piece of glassware, you can accessorize with percolators, ice notches, ash catchers, and bangers, converting them into more complex scientific pieces. 

Disadvantages of Glass Bongs

The main disadvantage is of course that whilst glass can be relatively hard-wearing it will shatter if dropped. This risk is, of course, increased if you want a portable or mini bong that you can take to parties to share with your friends. Borosilicate Glass is a lot tougher than most, but it is not unbreakable. 

Advantages of Silicone Bongs

Firstly silicone is rather inexpensive compared to many materials. For just a few dollars you can get started with your own bong. It is also virtually indestructible. Whilst we are not challenging you to try break one, through normal everyday use, a silicone bong is all but impossible to break. However, with glass, even the very best bongs falling from a coffee table are likely to smash, whereas a silicone bong will simply bounce. It is an astonishing material super heat resistant and as strong as an ox.

This super durability makes silicone bongs extremely popular at parties. Why risk a valuable scientific glass bong when you can slip a silicone bong in a back and bring it out for everyone’s enjoyment. 

Disadvantages of Silicone Bongs

The main disadvantage can be ruled out by only ever purchasing from reputable suppliers. Molino Glass Bongs only ever use 100% food-safe silicone for all our silicone products. This can not be said of unrepeatable dealers. Silicone can taint the taste and also impart dangerous chemicals if used incorrectly. 

Generally speaking there is nowhere near as many accessories available for silicone bongs. So if you want to customize your bong as you go, then glass is always going to be the better choice. 

Best Bongs: Summary

The bottom line is that both glass and silicone have their place. The best bongs for you will vary on what you want from them. If you want a fancy, elaborate scientific piece that you can customize to impress your friends, it’s always going to be glass. 

If you want something completely durable and easy to carry, a silicone bone will be just right. However, why not have both? Any decent bong collection should provide the best bongs for each and every occasion. They are fun to collect as well! 

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