First Time Guide for Rolling and Smoking Joints

OK, Let’s look at three ways of smoking joints. Smoking a Joint, Using a pipe,  and using a glass bong. These are three classic ways of using marijuana and for sure your first experience will be with one of these ways.

Probably the most iconic way of smoking weed is the joint. Long before any of the equipment really grew in popularity, joints have been passed around at parties. Passing a joint round has featured in literally thousands of movie clips. Before you learn how to take a toke, you should learn how to roll one and become used to the feel of the papers and weed in your hands. 

1: Grinding Your Weed

No experienced joint smoker will not have a grinder among his favorite tools. It helps grind the flower down into a usable consistency without getting your hands sticky or wasting the valuable herb. Grinders are inexpensive and easy to use. Take a look at our range of wooden grinders. We have a choice of 7 distinctive patterns to choose from, each crafted from tobacco teak wood.

2: Making A Joint Filter

A filter, often called a crutch, can be made out of card, business cards are ideal. Many rolling papers include filters, we strongly recommend RAW Organic papers.  (2) These are chlorine-free and ensure that you only get the taste of the weed. If you use card, just fold it like an accordion, then roll it to the desired thickness. Filters are not absolutely necessary but they do prevent weed from dropping out of the end of your joint. It also gives you something to grip without burning your fingers when the joint gets down to the last few draws.

3: Adding the Shake

Fill your paper with shake adding the crutch, if you are using one. About half an ounce is normally about right, but you’ll get used to this with practice. Now you need to begin shaping the joint with your fingers. 

4: Packing Your Joint

Pinch the paper between your fingertips, then roll it back and forth packing the cannabis into its final shape. Over time you will learn the correct “tightness” to attain. Your enjoyment while smoking joints will be made all that much better if you get this stage just right.

5: Rolling Your Joint

This step is crucial. It really can make or break the joint quality. Fold the unglued edge of the paper into the roll. Then starting with the filter end of the joint, add a little moisture from your tongue and roll the paper around itself. Moving away from the filter end, helps keep the required shape. 

6: Tidying the End

Gently pack the end of the joint. You can use just about anything for this, a pen, a drawstring on your hoodie or a matchstick. Leave a little paper protruding so it can be twisted to keep the herb neatly contained in the joint. You are ready to go!

7: Lighting  and Smoking Joints

Lighting can be a bit tricky the first time you do it. It’s not quite as easy as lighting a standard cigarette. Light the tip of the joint while drawing to get a nice ‘cherry’ going. If you have rolled it correctly the flame will spread evenly around the entire end. If it starts to burn unevenly, rotate it as you draw. This will help prevent canoeing. As soon as the smoke fills your mouth, inhale to get the maximum effect from the weed. If you are smoking with friends, Don’t Bogart that joint! Remind “puff, puff, pass.” Smoking joints with friends is one of the coolest ways to enjoy weed.

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