How to Smoke a Cannabis Pipe

Everyone has to start somewhere and for those of you wanting to enjoy cannabis, the options can be a bit overwhelming. When it comes to smoking equipment, a cannabis pipe (often called a bowl) is probably the easiest and simplest way. It is also probably the most well known.

Learning how to pack and smoke a pipe is an important lesson in cannabis consumption. From beginners to hardened stoners, it will stand you in good stead. Pipes are extremely portable,  they can slip into a pocket or a purse with ease. 

Whether you are intending to smoke alone or pass your pipe round at a party, getting it right ensures more. Fun for everyone. 

Choosing Your Pipe

Ways of smoking cannabis vary tremendously. Pipes are extremely common,  and you can have a lot of fun,  choosing and using the one for you. They consist of a bowl (hence the slang) which is merely a basin that can hold the herb, an airtight pipe or channel and a mouthpiece. They also sometimes have a second air channel, known as a carb. This enables the maximum delivery of smoke. 

Pipes were of course traditionally made from wood. Later, bamboo or ceramics were used. With cannabis pipes though, the use of borosilicate glass has taken over. This highly adaptable material is incredibly heat resistant and perfectly suited for pipe design. 

Check out our large selection of colored pipes. You are sure to see one that suits your personality. Pipes vary widely in shape, size, and complexity. Some use water to filter and cool the smoke.  However,  it’s best to start off with a simple little pipe that fits in your pockets. They are easy to use and cost very little. 

Grinding Your Weed

Break off a couple of buds. Choose a grinder from the Molino Range. Use your grinder by twisting it back and forth on the weed to create a fine consistency. If you haven’t got a grinder you can use your fingers or a pair of scissors. Your fingers, however, will get sticky.

Packing the Bowl

There are ways to pack a pipe that will help to improve airflow and make the hit better. 

1 Weed Consistency

It is important that your buds are evenly broken down but are not too fine after grinding. This is where a grinder really comes into its own. They have the added advantage of being a nice little storage vessel. 

2: Use a Calyx

The calyx is the first part of the flower that is formed when a young plant enters its flowering stage. You can place this or even part of the flower stem, at the bottom of the bowl to act as a filter. You may wish to use a screen if you have one available. This will also improve the airflow.

3: Control the Density

It is best to Pack the Herb lightly at the bottom of the bowl and more dense at the top.  This enables a steady burn (or cherry) at the top of your bowl whilst allowing the air to flow under it. This will give you are more even smoke. 

Smoking Your Cannabis Pipe

You are ready to go simply follow these guidelines and enjoy yourself. Remember the smokers’ etiquette of smoking in a group. Always pack a bowl that is proportional to the size of your group. If you are alone or with just one friend it’s cool to pack what is known as snaps. Just enough weed for one hit. You take it in turns to pack and hit. However, for larger groups, convention says that you should pack a heavier “party bowl” to ensure each of your friends gets a fresh hit of green herb. 

Whoever is providing the cannabis should determine who gets to light the first hit. Always ensure that everyone enjoys the same experience. You can do this by lighting just a small corner of the weed. Everyone then gets the same flavor, without giving someone nothing but ash. If the pipe is lit, you can pass it, but let your friends know that it is “cherried.”

We hope these guidelines are useful don’t forget to check out other articles on our information page.

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