Smoking a Bong For the First Time

For many cannabis users, there is simply nothing to beat smoking a bong. There is no doubt about it, glass bongs deliver smoother, cooler and cleaner hits. If it is your first time, take small hits and increase them as you get used to it. If it is loaded properly,  a bong holds a lot of smoke and a full hit can be a very big hit!

1: Preparing the Glass Bong

Ordinary tap water will suffice though if you are into bottled water that is fine. Fill the bong by pouring the water into the mouthpiece so that it fills the piece to about 1 inch (2.5 cm) above the downstem. Too much water and it tends to splash out when smoking a bong.

2: Grinding the weed.

Break off a couple of buds. Ideally, use your grinder by twisting it back and forth on the weed to create a fine consistency. If you haven’t got a grinder you can use your fingers or a pair of scissors. Check out our range of grinders here (link)

3: Packing the Bowl

Place the larger pieces of cannabis in the bowl of your bong first,  then put the more finely ground stuff in last. This prevents fine weed from entering the bong through the downstream. The fine pieces should be pinched between your fingers before adding them. Do not pack the bowl too tightly or it will be difficult to keep lit and inhale. Practice will soon teach you the right way to do this. For solo smoking, half a bowl should be enough. If smoking a bong with friends, don’t overfill the bowl or you will lose precious herb. 

4: Lighting up

A: Be Comfortable

Get into a comfortable space; seated near a table is best. If you start to cough you can set it down easily. Always smoke in a well-ventilated space so the room doesn’t fill up with smoke. 

B: Hold Tight 

Hold the bong with your non-dominant hand wrapped around the chamber. Take a few deep breathes of fresh air to oxygenate your body, this should decrease the desire to cough. 

C: Create a Seal

Put your lips inside the mouthpiece creating a seal, with your other hand offer the lighter to the herb and light it. Tipping the bong will enable you to see what you’re doing better.  

D: Fill the Bowl 

As you light the weed, inhale slowly. The point here is to fill the bowl not to inhale the weed. You will see the smoke filling the bong. If it is your first time just fill it halfway. 

5: Smoking a Glass Bong

You are ready to take your first toke. Stop inhaling and whilst keeping your mouth around the neck of the bong,  lift the bowl out of the stem and take a proper draw on the pipe. If you have to pause for breath, cover the neck with your hand to preserve the smoke that is already in the bong. Hold the smoke in your lungs for a few seconds before exhaling. There is no need to hold the smoke in for more than 2 or 3 seconds. If you are smoking with friends, tilt your head back and blow the smoke upwards, not in their faces. 

6: Pass Round or Repeat.

If smoking with friends, pass the bong to the next person. If smoking alone, place the bowl back in the downstream and repeat the process until you feel high enough.

7: Cleaning your Glass Bong

Remove the bowl and pour the water out of the bong. Rinse the bong immediately and place it in a safe place. This will make thorough cleaning at a later date a lot easier.


Smoking a Glass Bong is great fun and an extremely social activity. Your friends will love coming to your place if you have a cool piece of glassware. Whilst it is nice to look cool and experienced when smoking a bong, don’t worry if you have little experience. The smoking community knows what it’s like to be a first-timer and everyone understands. Good luck and enjoy!

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