7mm Bongs

7mm Bongs – Where it all began

7mm bongs are certainly not a new contraption. In 2013, Russian archaeologists excavated various bongs used by Scythian tribal chiefs thousands of years ago.

Did you know? The word bong is actually from the Thai language. Meaning a cylindrical wooden tube or pipe cut from bamboo that is used for smoking. Be careful shouting that in the streets of Bangkok, though, the law is still rather ‘smokey’ there; excuse the pun!

In the 16th Century, Chinese merchants introduced a water pipe and transported them along the silk road with tobacco and other goods. Transforming 7mm glass bongs into the first-ever cooled smoke to the general public. Fast-forward a few centuries, and we have taken over the reins, supplying the world with our very own 7mm bongs. Are we doing a successful job? We love to hear from our customers, or if you are new to our online bong store, please check out our reviews.

Molino 7mm bongs are some of the best bongs available to buy in the USA. Produced with quality Pyrex glass, if you’re looking for a durable 7mm bong, this range is for you.

We have been manufacturing 7mm glass bongs for two decades and one of USA’s original online head shops. Every 7mm bong we sell is crafted to the highest spec. And each process we use is to supply our customers with the best product available on the market. Something we have perfected over time with thousands of happy customers.