Straight Tube Glass Bongs

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Useful information about Straight Tube Bongs

There are two basic types of Glass Bong, the Beaker Style Glass Bongs and Straight Tube Glass Bongs.

Straight Tube Bongs, or Glass Cylinder Bongs have a long straight cylindrical body, attached to a flat glass base. The best quality glass bongs, such as Molino Glass Bongs are made from high quality Pyrex or Borosilicate Glass. This high quality glass is both heat resistant and very strong. Molino Glass Straight Tube Bongs are available in various glass thicknesses from 4 mm to 9mm thick glass. The thicker the glass the stronger it will be. Cylinder bongs or tube bongs can be either stemless bongs or they can have a fixed or removable downstem. Some glass downstems also incorporate a diffuser to provide some percolation.

Sometimes called a Glass Water Pipe, Straight Tubes Bongs are very popular for smoking herb, but you can also use them for smoking cannabis concentrates, by simply swapping the bowl for a quartz banger. Some of our Bongs come with both a glass bowl and a quartz glass banger – be sure to check out the accessories listed with each glass bong.

The long straight neck of glass tube bongs makes them easy to grip when you are taking hits from your bong.

Molino Straight tube bongs come in a variety of heights and glass thickness, they all include either ice notches or an internal ice ring, so you can put ice cubes into the neck of the bong. When the smoke passes over these ice cubes it gets cooled before you inhale the smoke. This is perfect for making the hits from your bong feel smoother.

A straight tube cylinder bong makes a great first time bong, as it is very simple to use, very easy to clean and will provide you with a satisfying weed smoking experience. Our selection of glass straight tubes provides an inexpensive way to enjoy smoking your herb.

There really isn’t a lot of difference between a Straight Tube Glass Bong and a Glass Beaker bongs other than the shape. All Molino glass bongs are made with the same high quality Borosilicate glass to ensure they are strong and heat resistant. They are come in the same thickness of glass.

Both types of Molino glass bongs feature ice catchers in the neck of the bong, so you can put ice in the neck to cool the smoke and stop bong water splashing up to the mouthpiece.

Beaker Bongs do hold a slightly larger volume of water in their base, so you may not need to change the water so often, and some people think beaker bongs can hold a bit more smoke so they can deliver bigger hits.

But a Straight glass tube bong or Cylinder bong will still deliver you a superb smoking experience.

Straight tube bongs are also  slightly cheaper than the same size and thickness of Beaker Bong.

Aside from the different shape of the straight tube bongs body, they also come in different sizes. The size difference is usually just the height of the Cylinder Bong but sometime also how wide the bong base is. The standard height of a Molino Glass Cylinder Bongs is 15-20 inches tall (40-50 cm) and they typically have a main tube diameter of around 2 inches (5 cm). Of course there are many size variation and at Molino we offer both tall bongs and short bongs, we even have smaller bongs that are called Mini Bongs, whatever size you want we probably have something you’ll like.

Another thing that can vary from one cylinder bong to another is the thickness of the glass used to make the straight tube bong. The thickness of the glass does not affect the cylinder bong’s performance, but thicker glass is much stronger and a straight tube bong made from thick glass will be more stable, especially if the cylinder bong has a nice thick base, which Molino Glass Cylinder bongs do have. Molino glass bongs come in three main thicknesses 5 mm, 7 mm and 9 mm.

After you purchase your new Molino Glass Cylinder Bong, you will probably be super eager to smoke it from the first time, but maybe you’re not sure how much water you should put in before you smoke from it. Don’t worry, this is a very simple question to answer: Fill your Glass Cylinder Bong with water so that the bottom end of the downstem and it’s diffuser slits are submerged under the water, they should be about half an inch or so below the water line.

For simple bongs that only have a downstem, the process of adding water is very easy. There are actually two ways you can fill the bong with water. The first way is to pour water into the mouthpiece at the top of your bong and let it flow down into the base, or you can take out the downstem and pour water in through the stem. Whichever way you fill your bong, just make sure you don’t overfill it.

The price of a Molino Glass Straight Tube Bong depends on the thickness of the glass and the Height of the Cylinder,

We sell glass cylinder bongs in 5 mm, 7 mm and 9 mm thick glass. The prices of Molino Glass Straight Tube Bongs are very reasonably priced, so that anyone can own one of our High Quality Glass Bongs.

We are very proud that we can produce high quality Glass Bongs and make them available at affordable prices.

We also offer a bong insurance policy on any bong over $99.00 so if you accidentally break your Molino Glass Straight Tube Bong within one year of purchase, we will sell you a replacement for only 60% of the replacement retail price.

The downstem is the part of the bong that connects the bowl to the main body of the bong. These are usually removable and often feature some slits or holes to help create smaller bubbles. They are sometimes called an adaptor diffuser as they convert the hole on the main body of the bong from a large size into a smaller size. A removable downstem is also easier to clean. 

Most larger bongs made by Molino Glass feature ice notches or an ice ring in the main tube section. These are designed to allow you to put a few ice cubes in the main tube, which will then cool the smoke as it rises up the tube for you to inhale. Using ice is not a requirement to smoke a bong, but if you have ice available its a very nice way to make the smoke super cool.

Glass bongs have several advantages, how important these are is personal preference. A bong is easy to use, some people find rolling their own joints or spliffs to be fiddly and therefore they prefer using a bong for that reason. Bongs also cool the smoke better than a joint or a dry flower pipe, because they pass the smoke through water, making the smoke less hot and dry.

Various studies have shown that water pipes do help to filter out some carcinogens and other toxic substances such as tar, which are produced when cannabis burns. This is especially true if the bong has a diffuser or percolator

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