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Carb Caps: What are they and do I need one?

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Whether you are new to dabbing or have been at it for years, some dabbing tools will prove invaluable to you as you journey into this hobby or pastime. Here’s a list of the top dabbing tools that will make your experience safer and more pleasant overall.

A carb cap is a Dabbing tool that restricts airflow and traps heat in your banger, this allows the cannabis concentrate to vaporize at a lower temperature, preserving the quality and flavor of the concentrate. 

Although all carb caps do the same thing — help keep the heat in your Banger and keep the temperature at which your dabs will vaporize — there are different styles of carb cap that are ideal for different dabbing rigs.

Two of our best selling Carb Caps are the Quartz Saucer Carb Cap and the Vortex Carb Cap.

Quartz saucer carb cap
The quartz Saucer Carb Cap is crafted from high-quality quartz glass, and it’s designed to be used with the Gravel Quartz Banger. They are mostly used with titanium nails for dabbing at low-temperature ranges. Quartz is a lot more expensive than ceramic dishes and can range from $20-50 each depending on size and design. A saucer carb cap can last forever if taken care of properly and should be cleaned after every use.

Vortex carb cap
A vortex carb cap is a type of carb cap that uses atmospheric pressure and spinning to draw heat away from your bowl. It’s a hollow disc with an open center. As you pull vapor through your rig, it turns over and spins while pulling air into its center, creating an anti-tempest effect that provides negative airflow through your rig, allowing you to continue drawing vapor even as you come down off a hit.
They can be purchased individually or as part of a dab toolset. If you don’t have one already, we recommend picking up a vortex carb cap if you plan on doing any serious dabbing. They’re not just effective—they look cool too!

A dabbing tool is used to pickup a small piece of your wax, shatter, or oil and then apply it to the hot surface of your banger so that the cannabis concentrate can vaporize. Dab tools are available in both glass and metal versions.

We prefer the glass dabbing tools, but either will work just as well. Using a proper dabbing tool is a lot safer than using your fingers or trying to use a homemade tool.

To be a real dabbing consignor, it’s important that you know the functions of the different parts of a dab rig.

  • Banger – This is possibly the most important component of the dab rig. This is what will be heated to vaporize the concentrate. Because dabbing is typically done at extremely high temperatures, users typically heat this with a blowtorch. Bangers are typically made from a variety of materials such as quartz, glass, titanium, and even ceramic.

  • Dabber – A long utensil used to apply concentrates to your heated banger.

  • Carb Cap – This ingenious tool is used to create an enclosed space on the nail so that your concentrates can vaporize and airflow can enter your rig.

  • Torch – This tool is frequently overlooked because how can one torch be superior to another? You’ll need a torch that heats up quickly and stays warm. A dependable torch is essential for dabbing.

  • Silicone Case – This is optional but appreciated by frequent dabbers. If you don’t have one of these, storing your concentrates can be difficult.

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