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Designer Bongs

Useful information about Designer Bongs

Molino Glass has produced a range of Designer Bongs that feature special coatings and special engraving that has been inspired by the great fashion brands. These super stylish designer bongs are part of our High Society Bongs, they include the Louis Vuitton Bong, the Chanel Bong and the Gucci Bong. These bongs are coated using our special technique and hand engraved with the logos you love. The glass is reverse engraved so the logos stand out from the tube.

Designer Bongs from Molino Glass come in two styles, Straight Tube Bongs (Cylinder Bongs) and Beaker Base Bongs. The Straight Tube Designer Bongs are made with 7mm thick Borosilicate glass to give the amazing strength and they are all 40 cm tall. The Designer Beaker Base Bongs are made with 5mm Borosilicate glass and they are also 40 cm tall bongs.

Our Designer Bongs range in price from US$ 179.95 to US$ 199.95

We offer a bong insurance policy on any bong over $99.00 so if you accidentally break your Molino Glass Designer Bong within one year of purchase, you can purchase a replacement at a significant discount of only 60% of the replacement retail price.

The Designer Bongs made by Molino Glass bongs are all full sized bongs. The designer bongs are all 15.75 inches tall (40 cm tall) and have a main tube diameter of around 2 inches (5 cm).

The Designer Bongs made by Molino Glass all feature either an ice ring in the main tube or ice notches. These will allow you to put some ice cubes in your designer bong, which will then cool the smoke as it passes through the ice in the tube before you inhale. Using ice is not a requirement to smoke a designer bong, but if you have ice available it is a very nice way to make the smoke super cool.

All glass bongs need some water as the main point of a glass bong is to draw the smoke through water to cool and filter the smoke.  Designer Bongs need water the same as any other glass bong.

You have bought a nice new Molino Glass Designer Bong, but you’re not sure how much water you should put in before you smoke from it. Don’t worry, this is a very simple question to answer: Fill your Designer Bong with water so that the bottom end of the downstem and it’s diffuser slits are submerged under the water, they should be about half an inch or so below the water line.

There are actually two ways you can fill your designer bong with water. The first way is to pour water into the mouthpiece at the top of your designer bong and let it flow down into the base, or you can remove the the downstem and pour water in through the stem. Whichever way you fill your bong, just make sure you don’t overfill it.

Molino Glass Designer bongs come with all the accessories you need to get started smoking cannabis flower. Our LV inspired Cylinder Bong comes with a matching pink diamond faceted bowl. The silver designer bong inspired by Chanel comes with a clear diamond faceted bowl. Our super popular Golden Gucci Bong comes with a matching glass bowl in translucent yellow glass. We sell spare parts for all our bongs and in the case of bowls and bangers we sell different styles so you can add your own flair to your bong.  Molino bongs use standard sized joints s you can also use third party accessories.

Various studies have shown that water pipes do help to filter out some carcinogens and other toxic substances from the smoke such as tar, which are produced when cannabis burns. This is especially true if the bong has a diffuser or percolator. A beaker bong usually holds a bit more water than a straight tube bong so this water filtration may be better when using a glass beaker bong.

The downstem is the part of the glass bong that connects the bowl to the main body of the bong. These are usually removable and often feature slits or holes to help create smaller bubbles. The glass downstem is sometimes called an adaptor diffuser as they convert the hole on the main body of the bong from a large size into a smaller size because glass bong bowls and quartz bangers have smaller joint sizes. A removable downstem is also easier to clean.

Glass bong downstems come in different sizes depending on the size and design of the bong. Your Molino Glass Bong will come with a downstem when you purchase it but you can also purchase spare or replacement downstems if you break yours.

Please refer to the product specification for your particular Molino Glass Bong to make sure you order the correct Glass Downstem length.

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