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LEAF Brand - Rolling Papers & Pre-Rolled Cones

Useful information about Rolling Papers & Pre-Rolled Cones

Spain. This beautiful Spanish country is known for its vast coastlines, awe inspiring sights, as well as a rich and vibrant culture. Not only that, it is historically known as the birthplace of rolling papers. Since as early as the 1500’s rolling papers have been crafted in this wondrous country. So, needless to say, we’ve pretty much perfected it with our very own pre-rolled cones which are still crafted and sustainably sourced in Spain itself! We at Molino Glass have a smoking hot selection of pre-rolled cones in a variety of sizes in order to fulfill your toking needs that will sure to leave you with an easy and unforgettable smoke session. Even deeper than that though, scientists have found evidence of people using leaves to roll up their favorite herbs to smoke as far back as 600 AD, which just goes to show that it’s never too early or too late to start. Although, just maybe, it’s too late for you to want to learn how to roll your own, or perhaps you are too old or even just simply too stoned to wrap your head around wrapping your flower in paper. In any case, we’ve got you covered! Join us in the ancient practice of smoking a perfect joint without any of the hassle of rolling them yourselves with our ready to go 100% naturally vegan, unrefined, unbleached pre-rolled cones which are always sourced sustainably.

So, why a pre-rolled cone? And what makes them different and at times more efficient than rolling your own? For starters, it takes all of the work out of rolling your own, saving valuable time and enhancing the efficiency in which you would like to be getting stoned. You can decide whether or not to fill it to the brim or perhaps have a mellow toke and fill it half way up to a quarter of the way to the top. All you need is some flower and the work is pretty much done for you within seconds! These 100% natural and unrefined paper cones will never, under the assumption that you packed it correctly, burn unevenly or begin to “canoe” which is an unsatisfying and unstable joint smoking session. To canoe, means to burn at one end at a much faster or slower rate than the other leaving you with a half burnt joint and perhaps wasting some of your precious flower. If you have ever experienced that with your own hand rolled joints you know just how frustrated and disappointing that can be—afterall you’re trying to relax. Well, fret no longer! Our pre-rolled cones smoke perfectly and reduce the chances of a mishaps as stated above.

To pack a pre-rolled cone is as simple as pack it, twist it, smoke it! I’ll tell you from personal experience that once I had tried a pre-roll it was hard to go back to wanting to roll my own and in fact, I have stopped hand rolling completely! The ease in which you could be consuming your cannabis in less than a minute is much better than painstakingly rolling up your own, especially if you’re just a little too stoned to get it just right. All you have to do is slowly fill the cone with your ground marijuana and pack periodically as you make it to the top. Make sure that the weed is packed evenly throughout the cone. It’s just that easy! Another plus to having a handful of pre-rolled cones is knowing your rations as I like to call it. Got plans for a road trip, a hike, a picnic? How about a concert or a sleep over at your best friend’s house? With these bad boys you will always be prepared and you will always know just how much you have left! No more playing the guessing game with how much weed you have left in your jar or grinder and if it’s even enough to roll up another. Cones make it easy and help you pack accordingly. You’ll probably be able fill 4 to 5 cones before you could even have one rolled and ready to smoke. With that you’ll be able to pack a few joints for you and your journey within minutes and won’t have to worry about rolling another after just finishing your first joint. Just sit back, relax and smoke a beautiful king sized joint. 

Join us in this ancient and well practiced hobby by embracing the future of smoking herbs via papers with our pre-rolled cones that are still crafted and made in the very birthplace of rolling papers. You wont regret it and you will certainly have trouble ever going back to rolling your own. Hell, more than half the work is already done, taken care of by yours truly, here at Molino Glass! Grab a Pre-Rolled KSS cone with an additional storage tube and try it out for yourself. Once you’ve experienced the greatness of a pre-roll you’ll be certain to pick up our larger selection of up to 100 pre-rolled cones to enhance your smoking experience! And remember, It’s as easy as pack it, twist it, smoke it!