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Mini Bongs

Useful information about Mini Bongs

A glass mini bong is a small, portable version of a traditional glass bong. Molino Mini bongs are made from clear borosilicate glass to give them strength, our selection of small bongs includes different shapes and sizes. Our glass mini bongs are all around 15 cm / 6 inches tall. We sell two different styles of small bongs, some of our mini bongs feature a removable glass diffuser downstem and a removable glass bowl, whilst some of them are stemless mini bongs so they only have a removable bowl and a built in diffuser for nice percolation.

The small size of Mini bongs makes them ideal to keep stashed in your bag or purse, so you are always ready to share a toke with friends. Worried about the strength of rip? Loss of suction? Well, don’t be. They may be small bit glass mini bongs still pack the punch of full-size bongs and hit the spot every time.

Molino Glass has a great selection of mini water pipes that will provide you with an enjoyable smoking experience. Mini water bongs are an excellent way to smoke as these small sized bongs are easy to store, easy to carry around and they are easy to keep clean. You will also find that these compact glass mini bongs are cheaper owing to their smaller size. Our mini bongs are made with high quality glass, and we make sure they’re all handcrafted to perfection.

Because of their smaller size, mini bongs are perfect for taking small hits when you are not looking for a huge smoking session. But don’t worry these small hits will still get you high. The other obvious advantage of a small water pipe is that you can put it in your bag and take it with you, instead of leaving it at home.

These cute little bongs will fit anyone’s budget and we have them available in a variety of cool mini bong designs, you are sure to find a mini water bong that fits your smoking requirements. The Molino Glass Bongs range of small bongs are priced from $44.99 to 59.95.

All Molino Glass Mini Bongs come with a standard glass bowl so you can use them to smoke flower, but as an added bonus Molino Glass mini bongs also come with a free quartz banger so you can use your mini water pipe as a mini dabbing rig to smoke cannabis concentrates.

Using a small glass water pipe or bong is no different to using a full sized glass bong. The bowls on our glass mini bongs are the same size as you will get with a full sized glass bong, so you can get the same amount of your favorite herb during your smoking session.

All you need to do to enjoy a nice cool smoke from your mini water pipe, is fill the chamber with clean, cold water; then pack the bowl with your favorite flower, then take a nice rip from your glass mini bong.

A small bong will definitely get you nice and high. The glass bowl that you pack with your favorite cannabis flower is the same size on a mini bong as you will have on a larger sized bong.

The difference in the size of the small bong does mean that the rips may contain less smoke, but this does not impact how high you will get smoking from a glass mini bong.

Yes, glass mini bongs really do cool the smoke as it passes through the water in the mini bong. You can help increase the cooling effect by making sure you are using the coldest water that is available.

Despite their small size and the smaller volume of water in a mini bong, small bongs do still filter contaminants out of the smoke. However, because of the smaller volume of water in a glass mini bong the water will get dirty quicker and you should replace the water in your mini bong more frequently. We would suggest emptying your mini bong and putting clean, cold water in after each full bowl you have smoked.

Small mini bongs don’t require much water. It should be clean water and preferably as cold as you can find, to help cool the smoke. You should fill your glass mini bong so that the end of the adapter diffuser is completely below the water surface, so that the diffuser can generate lots of cooling bubble; and if you have a stemless mini bong then you should make sure the built in diffuser is completely covered by water so it can diffuse the bubbles.