Glass Percolator Bongs

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Useful information about Percolator Bongs

Do you enjoy smoking cannabis, but hate the irritation the smoke causes?

Cannabis can certainly make you feel better due to it’s relaxing and medicinal effects, but you probably want to avoid the irritation and coughing that smoking cannabis flower can cause.

This is where a percolator bong really shines, the reason your throat and lungs are irritated is because of the hot smoke. A percolator bong will cool the smoke before it reaches your throat and lungs thanks to it’s water cooling design. This means your can smoke cannabis flower without irritation.

People have been using water pipes or bongs, to alleviate the harshness of smoking cannabis since they first started smoking this amazing plant.

Glass Bongs come in several styles, the most common being straight tube bongs or beaker bongs. These basic bongs will usually do a pretty good job of filtering and cooling the smoke. But for a much better cannabis smoking experience you will want to use a bong with a percolator.

A percolator bong is a glass bong that has extra filters built in (or added externally). These extra filters create more bubbles and in doing so they help cool and filter the smoke more.

Percolator bongs are perhaps the ultimate type of glass bong because they are the glass bongs with the most features and varieties.

There are several different types of percolator in bongs – At Molino we have glass percolator bongs featuring the following types of percolators.

Tree Percs – a very popular type of perc these are available in a few of our percolator bongs. You can easily tell how these glass percs got their name as they really do look like a small glass tree. They work by directing the smoke up through the center tube and down into the multiple branches or arms of the tree perc. The smoke is then forced through slits at the end of each arm, which creates thousands of tiny bubbles, which filter through the water in the percolator chamber.

Because of the excellent diffusion that tree percs create they are very popular. Tree percs are one of the best types of percolators in glass bongs for creating lots of smaller bubbles. The bubbles created by the Tree perc increases the surface area of the smoke, and makes more contact with the water, which cools the smoke quicker.

Because tree percs are so effective we have included them in several of our Molino Glass Percolator Bongs. The more arms there are on your tree percolator the better the percolation because there will be more bubbles to help the filtration and cooling of the smoke. Molino Glass percolator bongs have either 4 arm percs or 8 arm percs.

The slight issue with tree percs is that their many glass tubes can be hard to clean. But this is easily fixed by using Molino Organic Glass Cleaner.

Inline Percs – these are available in a few designs but all have a horizontal tube-shape with slits or other small openings to diffuse the smoke and create lots of tiny bubbles. Our Molino glass downstems include an inline percolator at the end as the first stage of percolation in many of our glass bongs.

Disc Percs – These are very simple, but very effective percolators. They are basically just a glass disc with many tiny holes and they are often stacked together to create extra percolation. The Molino Triple Disc Percolator has three disc percs for excellent percolation.

Shower Dome Percolators -These have a cylindrical shape with slits around the bottom part of the percolator, so they resemble a shower head. Because the perc has slits all the way around, the smoke bubbles are evenly distributed. A shower dome perc may not be as complex as other percolators but it still does a fine job. You will find a shower dome percolator in our Mephisto Stemless Percolator Bong.

Yes, all bongs need water. Glass bongs are sometimes called water pipes, so a glass percolator bong can be called a Glass Percolator water pipe and there in the name is the answer. The amount of water required will depend on the size of your percolator bong and also how many different chambers it has, as each chamber will need some water for the percolator to work.

A percolator bong will certainly make the quality of your bong rips better, but the complexity of some percolators can also make it more difficult to clean your bong thoroughly. If you don’t have a regular cleaning regime, you will find Resin starting to clog up the small holes and slits of the percs. If you let this resin build up get too bad it will stop the percolator bong from working properly.

You should make it a habit to clean your bong regularly. Molino Glass Organic Bong Cleaner is the ideal way to ensure a clean bong, especially if you also use Molino Resin Block in your bong water to make sure that resin does not build up in your percolator bong.

Percolation is the scientific name for the process by which a fluid is filtered through a porous material. In a bong this porous material is glass with tiny holes or small slits. When you force the smoke in your bong to pass through these small holes or slits it creates a lot of tiny bubbles and this greatly increases how much contact the smoke makes with the water.

This lets your bong water filter and cool the smoke a lot more effectively.
So the percolator in a percolator bong is designed to break up the smoke, wrap it into little bubbles the the water in your bong will cool the smoke and filter out any nasty little bits of ash and tar that you don’t want getting into your lungs.

A percolator in your bong will really make the bong hits better.  The percolator helps the bong perform its main functions, filtration of the smoke and cooling of the smoke, in a more efficient way.

Percolator bongs are not just clever at cooling and filtering the smoke, they can also be really nice to look at.  A large bong with a selection of different chambers and different percolators is a work of art in itself, even just sitting on the shelf.  When you actually use your percolator bong and see the bubbles being formed and the smoke going through the different parts of the percolator bong, it can be quite a cool show!

Here is an article we wrote titled ‘8 Popular Percolator Bongs‘ to help customers choose their first Percolator Bong.

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